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    Watch This Patriot Order a Two-Foot-Tall Big Mac at McDonald’s NewHe maxed out on every single topping option.
  2. Video Feed
    Watch Australia’s Most Celebrated Chef Talk Sustainable FishingChef’s Table debuts on Netflix on Sunday.
  3. Video Feed
    Watch Michael Anthony Discuss How the Design of the Whitney Will Influence His“When you’re sitting in the dining room at Untitled, you can see the High Line and the Hudson in one glance.”
  4. Video Feed
    Ben & Jerry’s Will Release the Brrr-ito, a Giant Ice-Cream-StuffedIt’s a special treat for its many stoner fans.
  5. Video Feed
    Watch Christina Tosi Teach Conan O’Brien How to Make Crack Pie BrittleIn honor of her new cookbook, ‘Milk Bar Life.’
  6. Video Feed
    This Surprise Pizza Party Is Probably the Best Thing That Could Possibly HappenYour commute today probably didn’t involve free slices.
  7. Video Feed
    A New Documentary Devoted to an Ancient Sake Brewery Looks Completely StunningThe director has worked on Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations.’
  8. Video Feed
    An Ecstatic Pizzeria Owner Rushed to Deliver a Pie to Pope FrancisAnd there’s video!
  9. Video Feed
    This Company’s Recruitment Video Puts a New Spin on ‘FreshWhat are dancing cleavers doing inside a beef kaleidoscope?
  10. Video Feed
    Watch Budweiser Create a Fake Bar to Deceive Beer SnobsLots of work for a relatively minor amount of confusion.
  11. Video Feed
    Watch an Incredibly Festive Gentleman Down 7 Shamrock Shakes at OnceGuinness might have been a better choice.
  12. Video Feed
    Farewell to Legendary Karaoke Bar Winnie’s“The bar is a happy bar.”
  13. Video Feed
    Watch Curtis Stone Discuss Food Waste and His Desire to Serve Kangaroo TailGrub Street’s Sierra Tishgart interviewed the chef for CBS This Morning.
  14. Video Feed
    Kevin Bacon Finally Made an Ad for Eggs“Nobody knows eggs better than Bacon.”
  15. Video Feed
    Watch This Impressively Trained, Totally Cute Shiba Inu ‘Sabotage’ aIt’s clearly staged, but it’s still cute.
  16. Video Feed
    Watch an Improv Group Hand Out Free Pizza on a Packed SubwayNone of the New Yorkers took slices, but apparently “all of the tourists did.”
  17. Video Feed
    Watch an American Hero Inhale 182 Slices of Bacon in 5 MinutesIt’s a record, of course.
  18. Video Feed
    This Chef’s Carrot-Cutting Skills Will Blow You Away“Latticework” isn’t a technique they teach in any old culinary school.
  19. Video Feed
    Blur’s New Music Video Includes a Serious Ice-Cream RecipeIf you can read Chinese, anyway.
  20. Video Feed
    Watch Two Funny Ladies Poke Fun at ‘Ethical Eating’On a new web series called “the Katering Show.”
  21. Video Feed
    Watch a Fantastic Ode to New York’s Enduring Love of CoffeeFeaturing Oliver Strand.
  22. Video Feed
    Watch Dumpling Expert Martin Yan Make Masterful Har Gow“Push! Pleat! Push! Pleat!”
  23. Video Feed
    Will Someone Please Make This Infrared ‘Heat-Map’ Microwave a RealSeriously. It looks awesome.
  24. Complaint Department
    People Are Already Annoyed With McDonald’s New ‘Pay With“My fellow customers seemed to look on with pity as I drew my fate … “
  25. Video Feed
    Watch Jimmy Kimmel Give People ‘Cold-Pressed Juice’ Made From“Are you tasting the kale, obviously?”
  26. Video Feed
    Newcastle Crowd-Sourced a Ridiculous 37-Brand Super Bowl AdGood luck remembering any of them.
  27. Condiment Watch
    The Artisanal Mayonnaise Shop Parodied in SNL Will Release a Tie-inTruffles and roasted garlic pair well, after all.
  28. Eggscellent
    The ‘Ramlet’ Is David Chang’s Spectacular Ramen-OmeletteWe’d eat it.
  29. Video Feed
    Watch Some Kids Suffer Through Their First Bites of EscargotCue the digust!
  30. Video Feed
    Watch a Woman Flip Out in a Police Station and Fling Sausage EverywhereBacon and a doughnut box are also involved.
  31. Video Feed
    Here’s a Video Primer on the Arguments for Abolishing Restaurant Tips“Why don’t they just pay you a normal amount of money and make the food more expensive?”
  32. Assault and Battery Cages
    Video Alleging Hen Abuse at Whole Foods Egg Supplier Sorta Backfires forHumane farming authorities have questioned what, exactly, is being depicted.
  33. Video Feed
    How to Calmly, Casually Roast Marshmallows Over an Active VolcanoThe things we do for s’mores.
  34. Video Feed
    Watch This Girl Find a Pearl in a Raw OysterThis will probably never, ever happen to you.
  35. Video Feed
    How to Open Champagne With a Sniper RifleShoot it, basically. Just be careful.
  36. Video Feed
    A Man Was Hospitalized for 3 Days After Chugging EggnogHe annihilated the competition, however, in the drinking contest.
  37. Video Feed
    Zabar’s 84-Year-Old Lox Cutter Says He’s Still Trying for the“I know I haven’t achieved it yet,” he says.
  38. Video Feed
    Watch This Guy Make Frank Sinatra As a PancakeHis Michael Jackson flapjack is even better.
  39. Video Feed
    KISS Front Man Paul Stanley’s Never-Aired Coffee Commercial Is Awesomely“Who is the old, creepy guy?” asked focus groups.
  40. Video Feed
    Modernist Cuisine’s Towering Gingerbread House Really Takes the CakeWe’re talking laser-etched pastry and Gothic stained-glass windows made from Jolly Ranchers.
  41. Video Feed
    World’s Most Adorable Couple Celebrates 64th Wedding Anniversary With TacoThat included 64 inches of nachos.
  42. Video Feed
    Watch a 91-Year-Old Italian Grandma Cook With Weed“Chicken pot-cciatore” is her signature infused dish.
  43. Video Feed
    Hackers Beat Keurig’s Coffee-Pod-Verification System With Scissors andThat didn’t take long at all.
  44. Video Feed
    The Daily Show Defended the Restaurant That Offered a Prayer DiscountBy mocking the people who were opposed to it.
  45. Video Feed
    The Trailer for The Last Days of wd~50 Has LandedThe pioneering restaurant lives on.
  46. Video Feed
    Watch Sarah Silverman Try to Make Pot Pie While She’s Stoned“Oh my God, this is so healthy right now.”
  47. News
    The Farmer Who Filmed Suffering Perdue Chickens Is on the Verge of Being ShutCraig Watts’s chickens have sores, are overheated, and have a comparatively high mortality rate.
  48. Video Feed
    Watch a Man Plow Through 24 Burgers in 20 Minutes“Those buns were under heat lamps or something like that, because they were really hard.”
  49. Video Feed
    James Franco’s Latest Project: Making Korean Barbecue Lasagna With theWith Seth Rogen, naturally.
  50. Feeding Tube
    Here’s the First Teaser for Tom Colicchio’s Best NewThe chef says he will “provide the chaos.”
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