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    World’s Most Dapper Starbucks Robber Is Still at LargeDallas police are on the lookout for a guy “wearing a navy sweater over a white Oxford shirt, slacks, a trilby and dress shoes.”
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    Did This Food Truck’s Anti-Trump Party Go Too Far?“… A few months ago, another business had three Trump piñatas, and they massacred those things and nobody said anything.”
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    The Food Warriors’ Journey Along the A Train Is Now CompleteThey finally made it to Queens.
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    Some Genius Made an Actual Levitating CakeYoda is involved.
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    Watch John Besh Discuss Building His Restaurant EmpireHe owns a dozen concepts in New Orleans.
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    This Millennium Falcon Cake Is Very ImpressiveThe fondant is strong with this one.
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    Watch Escargore, the Oddly Cute Horror Film About Snails Trapped in aSo much slime.
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    Mario Batali Brewed a Beer Inspired by Dan Barber’s Food-Waste InitiativeMade by Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione, WasteNot beer includes citrus peels, tomato pulp, and a nod to the moonshine that’s made in prison.
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    Stephen Colbert Takes on Cancer-Causing Meat and Anthony Bourdain“How can cured meat be bad for you? It’s got cured right in the name.”
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    MasterChef Junior Gets a Lot More Interesting When It’s Dubbed WithGordon Ramsay’s lines change quite a bit.
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    Watch South Park’s Horrible, Perfect Song About YelpersThe characters discovered the power of mentioning to restaurants that they’re Yelp critics.
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    Watch This Pastor Awkwardly Tip a Domino’s Driver $1,000 During His Sermon“I hope that this can help you. I don’t know what’s going on in your life.”
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    Watch Stephen Colbert Tackle Whole Foods’ Many Recent Scandals“It is our solemn pledge that our cashiers will now add up the cost of your products instead of just typing in the highest number they can think of.”
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    The Newest Burnt Trailer Compares a 3-Michelin-Starred Chef to YodaThe movie, starring Bradley Cooper, comes out October 23.
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    This Genius Hacked His Amazon Dash Button to Get Instant Pizza DeliveryIt’s a brilliant programming move.
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    Watch Daniel Boulud Make Magic Out of Stephen Colbert’s Pantry ItemsCharming.
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    Milkshake Squirrel Knows Where to Find the Good StuffAt Shake Shack, of course.
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    Determined Dad Saves Son From Epic Birthday-Candle FailureHope the family likes spit-covered cupcakes.
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    René Redzepi Lays Out His Vision for Noma 2.0“A true reflection of the landscape at that moment, the unique flavor of that point in time.”
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    This Video Will Make You Appreciate Just How Complex Sandwiches Really AreIt apparently only takes six months and $1,500 to make one entirely from scratch.
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    Watch Gavin Kaysen Discuss Why So Many Great Chefs Are Leaving New YorkGrub’s Sierra Tishgart interviewed him for ‘CBS This Morning.’
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    The Odd, Everlasting Appeal of Watching People Fold Pizza Boxes Really QuicklyThere’s something mesmerizing about seeing boxes assembled in two seconds flat.
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    Watch Stephen Colbert Tackle Trump’s Anti-Oreo Stance“He’s the only candidate brave enough to deport the Keebler elves.”
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    Hero Saves Perfectly Cooked Ribs From Apartment Fire“I got my kids first. And I thought about my ribs.”
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    Watch Anthony Bourdain Make $200-an-Inch Knives With a Certified Blade-MasterBob Kramer’s knives are used by chefs like Mario Batali and Thomas Keller.
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    This Watermelon Trick Is Exactly What You Need for Labor DayIt’s super-easy to remove the shell.
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    A Couple Remodeled Their Kitchen to Look Like the One in The SimpsonsComplete with corncob curtains.
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    This Chef’s Table Parody Video Is Spot-On“I’m like, What are these flies doing in my soup? And then I got it. I was in the presence of genius.”
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    Competition Is Stiff for the Beer-Mile World RecordFour beers, four laps, four minutes and 55 seconds.
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    Watch Jonathon Sawyer Discuss the Appeal of Crowd-Funding a RestaurantGrub’s Sierra Tishgart interviewed the Cleveland chef for CBS This Morning.
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    Won’t You Watch Sir Ian McKellen Make Some Lovely Scrambled Eggs?Really, how can you not?
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    Hero Kid Rescues Dropped Hot Dog Like a BossThis is how the pros do ballpark concessions.
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    Check Out Nick Offerman’s Pizza Farm“We are hard at work growing the ripe, juicy pizzas your children love.”
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    There’s Video of a Panera Manager Hitting a Female EmployeeOne witness says that she slapped him and he retaliated.
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    This Guy Turned a Tortilla Into a Record That Actually Plays MusicJust in case you thought you had too much free time on your hands.
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    Watch the Cecil’s JJ Johnson Discuss Harlem’s Food Scene and HisGrub Street’s Sierra Tishgart interviewed him for ‘CBS This Morning.’
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    This Animated Short Explains Why It’s So Hard to Be a Street Vendor in NYCThere’s a new campaign calling for the city to raise the number of permits.
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    Watch a Short, Bittersweet Documentary About the Final Days of wd~50The 15-minute retrospective honors chef Wylie Dufresne’s now-closed restaurant.
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    Watch a Guy Expertly Assemble a Hot Dog Using a Giant ExcavatorIt’s quite impressive.
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    Grisly Footage From a Costco Egg Supplier Shows Hens Crawling Over Dead OnesThe Humane Society went with the term “mummified pancakes.”
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    Watch a Touching Video About Colonia Verde’s Post-Fire RecoveryThe Fort Greene restaurant reopens on June 23.
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    Watch This Awesome Astronaut Make Tacos in SpaceIt’s quite impressive.
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    Watch Blue Smoke’s Jean-Paul Bourgeois Talk Burgers and the Big AppleGrub’s Sierra Tishgart spoke to him for ‘CBS This Morning.’
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    Watch a Grope-y Restaurant Customer Get Exactly What’s Coming to HimA female waitress knocks his lights out.
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    Watch Some Folks Casually Grill a Few Steaks With Molten LavaThe right way to enjoy your Memorial Day cookout.
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    David Letterman’s Final Show Included His Legendary Taco Bell Prank“Wait a minute, I’m not exactly a computer. Slow down.”
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    Watch a Model Inhale a Two-Pound Burrito in Under Two MinutesIt’s equally impressive and repulsive.
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    Watch a Starbucks Manager Go Off on Every Customer in the StoreThere’s a cookie straw involved.
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    James Corden and Anna Faris Eating Fried Tarantula Really Raises the Bar for“Here’s a question I never thought I’d say: ‘How long do we fry a tarantula for?’”
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    Watch a Fed-Up McDonald’s Worker Knock an Unruly Customer’s LightsThe employee reportedly lost it after the man spit at him.
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