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  1. Beef
    Gjelina Faces Public Resistance from VenetiansOne local claims, “My neighborhood has been ruined by this restaurant.”
  2. Empire Building
    Venice to Drink The Kool-Aid at Cafe Gratitude, Opening on Rose Ave.The beleaguered NorCal cult-favorite must be figuring L.A. has a bigger stomach for mystical mumbo jumbo and mind-control.
  3. Empire Building
    Schulzies Bread Pudding Takes Over Del’s Lemonade Space in VeniceSarah Schulz started her budding bakery empire in her own kitchen.
  4. Openings
    Le Zinque Opens on Abbot Kinney for Ethical Mud and French McMuffinsThe cafe offers a more relaxed counterpoint to the street’s buzzing restaurant and coffee scene.
  5. Burger Time
    The Venison Burger Sticks Around Chaya VeniceThe entire venison menu has been extended past its two-week run.
  6. Video Feed
    Watch Gjelina Chef Travis Lett Talk Kitchen PhilosophyToo bad the often elusive chef is so terribly out-of-focus.
  7. Health Concerns
    Gjelina Makes The GradeFollowing its recent downgrade by the health department, Venice’s trendiest restaurant is again sporting an ‘A.’
  8. Openings
    Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Opens Thursday in VeniceThe chefs’ opening menu plays on rustic Southern cooking, with animal-style arrangements of offal and exotic cuts.
  9. Openings
    Roy Choi’s Sunny Spot Replaces Beechwood with Roadside Cooking, Open This FridayWith pronounced dashes of Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Cuba, Roy Choi could have the most thrilling islands-influenced menu L.A. has seen in years.
  10. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Joe’s and Axe Chefs Team Up to Open Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing on Abbot KinneyBut first the two are popping up this week with a temporary version.
  11. Openings
    ChocoVivo Soft-Opens in VeniceOwner Patricia Tsai recently gave a TED speech on her “bean to bar” business.
  12. Freebies
    Where to Score Free Wieners at Wurstkuche VeniceJust beware of any burned kielbasa landing on your table.
  13. Mixocalypse
    Joe’s Starts The Abbot Kinney Cocktail Clash, Debuting This SundayBartenders from Hal’s , Tasting Kitchen, and Joe’s will face-off following The Taste of Abbot Kinney.
  14. Chocoholism
    Stone-Ground Chocolate Maker ChocoVivo Opening Abbot Kinney StorePatricia Tsai brings her “from the bean to the bar” philosophy to a fixed address in Venice.
  15. Contests
    Win Two Tickets to Taste of Abbot KinneyJust tell us what you’re most looking forward to in order to enter.
  16. Openings
    First Look at Barlo’s Space and Menus, Grand-Open This Thursday at Hotel ErwinThe menu stays consistent with Venice’s “Locals Only” aesthetic.
  17. Booze News
    78 Years After Prohibition, Venice’s Townhouse Returns to Classic CocktailsBrandon Ristaino is in as the new general manager, with plans to design four seasonal cocktail menus every year. See the first right here!
  18. Openings
    French-Viet Le Cellier Opening in VeniceThe new Indochine project comes from the union of partners at Hinano and China Beach.
  19. Openings
    Wurstküche Opens in Venice, Tomorrow at 5:00 P.M.It’s the biggest thing to hit Lincoln Blvd. since Whole Foods took over.
  20. Foodies With Benefits
    Taste of Abbot-Kinney Returns, With Joe Miller and a New PlanOrganizers return with a smoother model that will keep the food from running out, though only 400 tickets will be sold.
  21. Happy Birthday!
    Joe’s Turns 20 on Abbot-KinneyWe look at the impressive list of Joe’s alumni cooking in L.A. and abroad.
  22. Rumors
    Wabi-Sabi Will Remain the Same, Says OwnerThe restaurant’s Bruce Horowitz counters Eater’s rumor that Casey Lane is taking over his sushi spot.
  23. Coming Soon
    Jason Wiggin Plans Barlo Kitchen + Cocktails at Hotel Erwin, Cooking with JoieThe chef will take a locals-only approach to this replacement for Hash.
  24. Fire Damage
    Joe’s Escapes Flames on Abbot KinneyThe restaurant itself is fine, even if its coffee service will need time to recuperate.
  25. Chasing Choi
    Beechwood is 100% Still Open and Serving Roy Choi’s New MenuYesterday’s news caused a panic among Beechwood fans, and nearly kept people from experiencing the chef’s hot Chinese mustard chicken wings.
  26. Chasing Choi
    Calling Roy Choi: Please Bring Venice a Worthy Jerk Chicken!The chef and Beechwood owner David Reiss ditch plans for Beechwood’s revival
  27. Openings
    What to Eat at Larry’s, Open Today in VeniceThe beer bar and restaurant could make customers at Danny’s drop their sliders and head across the street.
  28. Neighborhood Watch
    Slaw Dogs Brings Rippers to the Valley; New Hipster Pizza in Little TokyoL.A. Craft Beer Crawl, Rosa Mexicano Ice Cream Social, L.A.’s first Mexican-Kosher restaurant, and more in the Neighborhood Watch.
  29. Coming Soon
    Waterloo’s Brendan Collins Does Menu at Larry’s, Opening Soon in VeniceThe Waterloo & City chef helms the kitchen at this new Windward Ave. restaurant.
  30. Dairy Wars
    More Crying Over Spilt Raw MilkThe news about the Rawesome dairy raid keeps spilling out.
  31. Dairy Wars
    Rawsome Foods Raided Today, Owners JailedUnpasteurized milk and dairy products tossed, the organic market closed for now.
  32. Reopenings
    A Year Later, Axe Reopens on Abbot KinneyAfter nearly a year off the scene, Joanna Moore’s eatery comes back to Abbot Kinney.
  33. Rumors
    Is Waterloo Working on a Venice Follow-Up?A staging audition for a new Venice restaurant is being held in the kitchen of the Culver City gastro-pub.
  34. Funnies
    When Hiring, Gjelina Seeks ‘New York Attitude’That explains a lot about the restaurant’s customer service.
  35. Crime Scenes
    Venice Sounds Roofie Red AlertWe’re adding a fourth drugging incident from an unnamed bar on Abbot Kinney.
  36. Strip Search
    Strip Search: Doing Some Drinkin’ at Rose & Lincoln, VeniceWe long ago gave up on trying to cram into Venice Beach Wines. Now we do our drinking at Whole Foods!
  37. Trimmings
    A Double Fail(e) Strikes GjelinaAfter the restaurant covers its pretty new take-out spot in street art, a street crime goes down.
  38. Beef
    Gjelina Gets Put In Its Place by Venice Stakeholders AssociationWe have to wonder if treating the neighbors a little nicer might have resulted in a different decision.
  39. Chasing Choi
    Roy Choi Promises ‘Thick-Ass Burgers’ and Carnival Desserts atChego pastry chef Beth Kellerhals will help the chef explore frozen bananas, Ding Dongs, and other boardwalk fare.
  40. Video Feed
    We Just Love When a Rapper Comes To Whole FoodsQuinoa, kombucha, and Humboldt Fog al get their shout-outs in the debut video from Fog and Smog.
  41. Chef Shuffles
    Jamie Lauren Bails Beechwood After Six Months; Roy Choi to Tackle The MenuThe restaurant promises this to be Choi’s “most American menu to date.”
  42. Backpedals
    Gjelina Take Away Already Acting Kinder Than The OriginalThe restaurant’s little sister is now accepting omissions, though substitutions are still verboten.
  43. Coming Soon
    The Construction of Local 1205 Marches OnThe longest delay ever appears to have its wheels turning again.
  44. Closings
    Bondi BBQ Says ‘G’Bye Mate!’The restaurant had better character than food.
  45. Juice: How Far Will You Go to Get It?
    Look Who’s Behind Venice’s Moon JuiceAmanda Chantal Bacon, a former L.A. Times assistant food editor plans a nut milk bar and cold-pressed juices.
  46. Openings
    Gjelina Take Away Opens on Abbot Kinney…SortaThe restaurant is offering some samples on the low-down, and teases of an opening next week.
  47. Beef
    Gjelina Challenged to Hold Its Horses on That 40-Seat ExpansionThe Venice Stakeholders Association is threatening to sue the city if it doesn’t abide by its own rules in regard to approving the restaurant’s planned growth.
  48. Empire Building
    Venice Beach Wines Readying to Open AsadaThe new beer bar sounds like it could lend itself to a more rugged crowd, unlike the ones gathering for wine next door.
  49. Coming Soon
    Moon Juice Landing on Rose Ave.Hand-pressed cold and organic vegetable and fruit juices might make it to Venice in time for a hot summer.
  50. Taco Town
    Desperate Taco-Hounds Long to Be With La Isla BonitaFans post “Missing” flyers when one of Venice’s favorite taco trucks doesn’t appear for a few days.
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