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  1. Science
    Study Says Being a Lifelong Vegetarian Ups Risk of CancerA case for choosing burgers over kale.
  2. Confessions
    Losing Your Veginity: Ex-Vegetarians on the Moment They Re-embraced Meat“It was like my blood was singing.”
  3. Scientific Studies
    Study Says Vegetarians Live LongerOops.
  4. Soy Annoying
    Whole Foods Mislabels Chicken and Vegan ‘Chick’n’ SaladsOr is this a Beyond Meat conspiracy?
  5. Soy Annoying
    Twitter Co-Founders Trying to Make Fake Meat HappenWhy?
  6. Eating Habits
    6 Things We Just Learned About Gwyneth Paltrow’s Eating HabitsLeo said red meat was dirty meat, so she quit eating it.
  7. Bites
    Meat-Allergy-Causing Ticks Are Back at It AgainThere are now 1,500 confirmed cases.