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  1. the underground gourmet
    Vegan Birria Tacos From a Former Dirt Candy Cook in the East VillageAt Raíz, the birria is made with jackfruit and the churros are sparking heated debate.
  2. what to eat
    An Eggplant Sandwich With a Story to TellA sturdy lunch in Bed-Stuy that’s assembled with decades of experience.
  3. moves
    Brooks Headley’s Superiority Burger Is Relocating to the Old Odessa Diner Space“It’s always been my dream space.”
  4. chains
    How Taco Bell Turned Its Back on Indian Americans“I think it’s a huge mistake.”
  5. grub guides
    Cook These Vegetarian Recipes to Eat Less MeatThe meat industry is broken. But these recipes are sound.
  6. the dish
    Zooba’s Carb-Happy Koshari Sticks to Its Egyptian RootsA little Indian, a little Italian, the starchy street food is a vegetarian’s dream.
  7. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Vegetarian Sandwiches in New YorkYou’ll never miss the meat.
  8. underground gourmet quick bite
    Cult Coffee Shop Abraço Is Now a Nimble Little Vermouth and Cocktail Bar to BootThe bustling East Village social center has added evening hours, tasty new nighttime snacks, and some juicy wine on tap.
  9. school lunches
    All New York City Public Schools Will Adopt Meatless MondaysStarting in the 2019–2020 school year.
  10. interviews
    Meet the Politician Fighting for the Rights of California Vegans“People who are vegan or vegetarian thank me on the street.”
  11. openings
    A New Soho Café Serves Grain Bowls With a CauseWest~bourne will focus on employees’ wellness and donate a portion of every sale to a local youth-development program.
  12. openings
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Vegetable Restaurant, abcV, Is Now OpenThe acclaimed chef serves dosas with fried eggs, morning shakes, and tofu with yuba and ponzu for breakfast and lunch.
  13. fall preview 2016
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten Will Open His First Meatless Restaurant in SeptemberabcV will celebrate roots and shoots and leaves without trying to mimic meat.
  14. Science
    Study Says Being a Lifelong Vegetarian Ups Risk of CancerA case for choosing burgers over kale.
  15. Food Politics
    Plant-Based Protein Companies Now Have Their Own Trade GroupTofurky’s going to Washington.
  16. Food Start-Ups
    A Meal-Kit Start-up Called Hungryroot Just Raised $3 MillionFounders of ready-made-meal companies continue to make it rain.
  17. Empire Building
    Why By Chloe Is 2015’s Most Surprising Restaurant Success StoryThe fast-casual vegan concept has a massive audience.
  18. Grub Guides
    13 Bright, Modern, Vegetable-Forward Dishes You’ll Want to Eat Right NowBut nothing too healthy.
  19. The Chain Gang
    Pret A Manger Debates Taking Some Stores Meat-FreeThe company is asking customers to vote for vegetarian shops.
  20. Openings
    Brooks Headley’s Veggie-Burger Spot Superiority Burger Is Officially OpenHe’s set up in the former Dirt Candy space.
  21. Veggie Burger Invasion
    Amy’s Kitchen’s Will Open Its First Drive-Through This SummerThe frozen-food company will make veggie burgers and pizzas to order.
  22. Grub Guides
    15 Dishes That Highlight New York’s First Wave of Spring VegetablesMorel toast, ramp pasta, and Meyer-lemon pizza.
  23. Grub Guides
    10 Classic Meat Dishes Remixed With Fresh VegetablesLike squash carpaccio and beetroot tartare.
  24. Interviews
    Why a Beloved Food Truck Will Call It QuitsDespite devoted fans and consistently long lines, Cinnamon Snail will halt operations at the end of the month.
  25. Interviews
    Yotam Ottolenghi on Instant Ramen, Plenty More, and His Secret Candy“People are becoming quite precious about what they eat.”
  26. Veg Out
    Take Root to Offer Special Vegetarian Menu Next MonthFor one weekend only.
  27. Grub Guides
    Finally: 15 New York Restaurants Serving Super-Seasonal Spring VegetablesNarcissa, the Dutch, Estela, and more.
  28. Closings
    West Village ’sNice Closes FridayA branch of the vegetarian café remains open in Park Slope.
  29. Closings
    Foodswings Closed in WilliamsburgThe chili con seitan may pop up somewhere else.
  30. Crowdfunding
    Quintessence Struggles to Stay Afloat After Co-owner’s DeathLess than 48 hours remain to save the raw-foods restaurant.
  31. Closings
    Foodswings in Williamsburg Closes SoonStart looking for a new vegan-drumsticks fix.
  32. Coming Soon
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten Adding Vegan, Raw Restaurant to ABC PortfolioIt’s coming next spring.
  33. Grub Guides
    Light Lunch: 13 Spectacular Sandwiches That Happen to Be VegetarianA few are even vegan. Don’t be afraid.
  34. The Other Critics
    ‘Love For Vegan Cuisine and Delicious Eats’ Trumps Social AnxietiesRounding up the region’s restaurant reviews.
  35. Freebies
    PETA Giving Away Free Lunch Today in DowntownWe like these guys much better when they’re giving food away instead of banning it.
  36. Coming Soon
    Apothéke’s Heather Tierney Opening the Butcher’s DaughterThe juice bar and vegetarian café should bow later this month.
  37. Surprise Moves
    India Gets a Meat-Free Mickey D’sPeace, love, and veggie burgers?
  38. Gone Green
    Once a Week, Cacao Considers VegetariansEvery Tuesday, the meat-free will have two meat-free Mexican options.
  39. Menus
    Susan Feniger’s Street Honors Alcatraz Escape, Tonight in HollywoodChef Kajsa Alger says, “I am semi-obsessed with the [escape] story.”
  40. Lifestyles of the Rich and Vegan
    Luxury Vegan-Lifestyle Building to Open on LESHow soon can Russell Simmons move in?
  41. Openings
    Pizza, Pizza, Read All About ItLots of amore for LA’s pizza scene
  42. Chasing Choi
    Roy Choi Considers Quitting Cooking, CarnivorismThe chef is sort of tripping out a little bit on his blog.
  43. Veggievores
    Kate’s Joint Is the Latest Endangered EV Vegan SpotMeanwhile, pizza places continue to proliferate.
  44. Mediavore
    Defending the Mormon Diet; PFCs in Food Weaken Vaccination in ChildrenDespite sugar as its only vice, devotees claim the religion’s food is not boring.
  45. Cookbooks
    Hot Knives Release Their First CookbookA recipe for homemade cough-syrup might be worth the $25 cost alone.
  46. Booze News
    Veggie Grill Goes Boozy, But Stays GreenHere you’ll find an organic wheat beer to go with those seitan buffalo wings.
  47. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Animal Welcomes Another Vegetarian ChefYotam Ottolenghi will cook a meatless menu on July 14th in this carnivorous temple.
  48. Blehtacular
    M Café Shares a SecretThe macrobiotic chili cheese fries might not give oxtail poutine a run for its money, but neither will it take years off your life.
  49. Mediavore
    Colonel Sanders Threatened; What Padma’s Baby EatsAn old letter is unearthed showing a death threat to the king of KFC.
  50. Empire Building
    Veggie Grill Expanding To Torrance and The Farmer’s MarketThe meatless mini-empire is on the war-path.
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