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  1. chef shuffle
    Daniel Humm Is Leaving His London Restaurant Over Vegan Vision“This is not the path we wish to follow here at Claridge’s at the moment.”
  2. q&a
    Eric Adams Wants to Change the Way We EatIf elected mayor this fall, will he try to veganize New York?
  3. video feed
    Watch Meat-Loving Kids Get Tricked Into Eating Vegan Food“Oh my goodness, I’m never going to be one of those.”
  4. whoops
    Vegans Are Livid Because Britain’s New Currency Includes Animal FatThe government argues it’s just an “extremely small amount.”
  5. really bad ideas
    Popular Italian Chef Tells Vegans He’d Like to Just ‘Kill Them All’It’s because they are “a sect, they’re like Jehovah’s Witnesses.”
  6. health concerns
    Italy Proposes Jailing ‘Reckless’ Vegan ParentsA new bill wants to punish adults with up to six years in prison.
  7. Serious Beef
    Vegan-Restaurant Owners Receive Death Threats Over Animal-Slaughter Scandal“People have taken up the mob mentality.”
  8. Empire Building
    Why By Chloe Is 2015’s Most Surprising Restaurant Success StoryThe fast-casual vegan concept has a massive audience.
  9. Food Startups
    Mark Bittman Is Joining a Vegan-Focused Start-UpHis duties at the Purple Carrot will include creating meal-kit recipes.
  10. Concessions Made
    Morrissey Has Apparently Convinced Madison Square Garden to Go Vegan for HisDrew Nieporent doesn’t seem to care.
  11. Demands
    Morrissey Is Canceling Concerts at Venues That Won’t Go VegetarianHe’d rather not play than deal with “cannibalistic flesh-eating bloodlust.”
  12. Interviews
    Eating Vegan Ice Cream With Jason Schwartzman and Director Alex Ross Perry“It’s hard for me to relate to people who don’t have a huge sweet tooth.”
  13. Confessions
    Losing Your Veginity: Ex-Vegetarians on the Moment They Re-embraced Meat“It was like my blood was singing.”
  14. Soy Annoying
    Waitress Fired for Degrading Vegan DinerShe printed something nasty on the receipt.
  15. Soy Annoying
    Whole Foods Mislabels Chicken and Vegan ‘Chick’n’ SaladsOr is this a Beyond Meat conspiracy?
  16. Soy Annoying
    Twitter Co-Founders Trying to Make Fake Meat HappenWhy?
  17. Meat Is Murder
    Morrissey Insists On a Vegetarian Concert“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”
  18. Quote of the Day
    Salt’s Cure Cures Veganism!It’s always the cheeseburgers that bring ‘em back.
  19. Gone Green
    Whole Foods Embraces Vegans on Meatless MondaysWill a discount at Whole Foods result in a carnivorous chow-down that leaves vegans empty-handed?
  20. Other Websites
    With a Big Bang, the Yum Universe Is BornA Chicago-centric website launches to help vegans eat as well as their meat-happy counterparts.
  21. Vegging Out
    PETA’s Times Square Stunt Likens Carnivorism to CannibalismPlus, a suicide jumper plunges into a Starbucks patio.
  22. Mediavore
    Del Taco Shooting Leaves Three Dead in San Bernadino; Gulf Spill Yet To AffectA multiple-homicide terrorizes a fast-food restaurant and the Deep Horizon spill shows little impact on seafood costs.
  23. Bookshelf
    Meat Is for Pussies Tries to Sell Meatheads on MeatlessnessA new book will “jump-start your metabolism and kick your libido into overdrive.”
  24. Other Magazines
    Bittman Pens New Column: ‘Less Meat, More Flavor’How will it affect his writing for Diner’s Journal?
  25. Shucks!
    Are Oysters Vegan?They’re sustainable, delicious, and, as far as we know, impervious to pain.
  26. Beef
    Ducking Controversy: Telepan Readies for Visit From Pâté PoliceThe foie gras protesters who visited Momofuku are back. But do they have the right guy?
  27. Trends
    Breaking: Men Can Be VegansEven dudes can eat salads.
  28. Beef
    Bourdain to Safran Foer: ‘I Will Shoot an Animal in the Head and EatPlus, Ripert and Bourdain on salt, cupcakes, and the macaroni and cheese at KFC.
  29. Mediavore
    Eating at the Auto Show; Foursquare Goes FoodiePlus: some states privatize liquor stores, and soda’s hidden cancer risk, all in our morning news roundup.
  30. Foodienomics
    Karyn Calabrese is Pretty Sure Veganism Could Have Prevented the Recession“If you’re not getting enough oxygen and nutrients in your cells, wouldn’t that kind of draw you in and make you not a humanitarian?
  31. Lists
    Chicago’s Veg ChampionsThe Chicago Diner is named “Best Veg Restaurant” by Veg News magazine.
  32. Mediavore
    Beer Gets Barrel-Aged; Natalie Portman Goes VeganPlus: New cookbooks, and Colonel Sanders finagles his way into the U.N., all in our morning news roundup.
  33. Pollan Count
    Pollan Backs Away From Hummer Driver Versus Meat Eater MathDoes the Hummer driver really have the larger carbon footprint?
  34. Lawsuits
    Tempeh TantrumA graffiti artist threatened to sue when she couldn’t eat vegan in prison.
  35. Beef
    Sarma Melngailis of Pure Food and Wine: ‘Elitism Bothers Me, Too!’The proprietor of Pure Food and Wine, where a tamale is $23, has something to say about her neighbor Sal Anthony’s complaints about pricey raw-food eateries.
  36. Openings
    Adelina Attempts to End Raw-Food Elitism (Hint Hint, Pure Food and Wine)Thought Italian health food was an oxymoron? Think again.
  37. Foodievents
    Vegan Feast at Broadway EastHurting for new vegan options? A Farm Sanctuary dinner is here to help.
  38. NewsFeed
    Vegans and Their Enemies Enliven ‘Times’ BlogVeganism’s enemies speak out, but we want to hear from you.
  39. The New York Diet
    Web Entrepreneur Peter Rojas Regrets the Vegan Buffalo WingsThe founder of Gizmodo, Engadget, and RCRD LBL tells us what he ate this week.
  40. Mediavore
    Can Vegans Eat Honey?; Lobster Cheap in MaineSoft drinks to introduce “controversial herb” flavoring, ordering the cheapest bottle, stricter food-industry oversight, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  41. NewsFeed
    Vegansexual Takes Locavorism to a New LevelQuoth the vegan blogger: “Yes, that’s a local, organic beet leaf on my balls.”
  42. The New York Diet
    Robin Quivers of ‘The Howard Stern Show’ Is Vegan at Per SeRobin Quivers used to pig out on Roy Rogers with Howard Stern, but six months ago she switched to a vegan diet.
  43. The In-box
    When Vegans AttackDaily Intel has gone and done it. In the course of musing over a Times article on animal-free fashion yesterday, they happened to mention that they think vegans are “kind of stupid.” As it turns out, vegan readers were not pleased. “I double-dare you to tell this fine-ass, highly educated, NYC Jewish girl that I’m stupid in person,” begins one of the responses that they’ve published today. Makes our post on the unifying powers of the burger all the more poignant. We’ve Angered the Vegans [Daily Intel]