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  1. Trendlet
    Classic Desserts Are Returning to New York MenusThis is a moment for meringue, for lush pastry cream, and for looming soufflés.
  2. Restaurant Review
    Michael White’s Vaucluse Is Just What the Upper East Side WantedWith its nostalgic menu, its posh location, and its built-in clientele, it feels like a more permanent addition to the Altamarea Group portfolio.
  3. Drama
    Vaucluse Owner Doubles Down on Times-Critic TiradeAltmarea Group CEO Ahmass Fakahany will not back down.
  4. Drama
    Restaurant Owner Hammers Times Critic in New Open Letter“You seem so desperately anxious to be relevant.”
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Kendall Jenner Eats at Mercer Kitchen; Ina Garten and Woody Allen Try VaucluseThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  6. Openings
    Michael White’s Vaucluse Will Please the Fancy Uptown CrowdThe words ‘black truffle’ appear on the menu exactly six times.