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  1. big trouble!
    How Vanity Fair Protected Its Trump Grill Reviewer From Online AttacksThe writer says the publisher’s PR team “were on top of their game.”
  2. sad!
    Of Course Vanity Fair Trashed Trump’s Restaurant, and of Course He RetaliatedHe hears the circulation numbers are “way down, big trouble, dead!”
  3. Foodievents
    Michael Anthony Latest Chef to Do Some Culinary Time-TravelingMany, many ripples in time.
  4. Molto Porno
    Batali’s Kitchen Exhibitionism and Private Food-Cam MomentsHis salami, vinegar, wine, and more.
  5. The James Weird Awards
    The James Weird Awards: Supper Slippers, Odorous Asparagus, and a Prison FoodPlus: A car chase makes a pit stop at McDonald’s, a mound of rubber terrorizes Dairy Queen, and more, all in this week’s roundup of weird restaurant news.
  6. Dirty Words
    We Do Sort of Wish Sam Sifton Could Get Away With Stuff Like ThisA.A. Gill gets to use all sorts of dirty words that the ‘Times’ critic probably wishes he could.
  7. Go Ask Alice
    It’s Alice’s Kitchen, Those Vegetables Only Live ThereThe Lady Waters lets ‘Vanity Fair’ into her home kitchen.
  8. Recipes
    Julia Child x GEBVanity Fair publishes Graham Elliot Bowles’ take on a classic Child recipe.
  9. Recipes
    Graham Elliot Bowles Takes On Julia ChildHow does a self-styled “bad boy chef” riff on the undisputed mistress?
  10. Menus
    Bad Language on MenusSay good-bye to “grilled to perfection.”
  11. Openings
    Monkey Bar: The Next Waverly?For now, at least, that seems to be the case.
  12. Celebrations
    Four Seasons Turns 50So which power players did ‘Vanity Fair’ photograph for the occasion?
  13. A Little Bitter
    Oh, Snapper!Following Frank Bruni’s lead, ‘Vanity Fair’’s Michael Wolff disses his former lunch spot.
  14. Inn-tense Experiences
    Rumors of Ye Waverly Blog’s Demise Have Been Greatly ExaggeratedThe Waverly Inn’s blog hasn’t been updated since May, but its anonymous author is still on the ball.
  15. NewsFeed
    ‘Vanity Fair’ Pimps Out Waverly Inn for Facebook FriendsWin a date at the Waverly!
  16. Mediavore
    Salmonella Outbreak Over?; Scores Can’t Pay the RentPlus bacon’s popularity will never fade, Graydon Carter isn’t a fan of Craft, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  17. Diner’s Agenda: Sweets For The Sweet
  18. The Weekly Dig Digested, 2/13/08
  19. NewsFeed
    James Beard Hopefuls Lobby on FacebookIt’s time again for Beard nominations, and the whole kerfuffle over Jason Neroni last year isn’t stopping the shameless shilling. A Grub Street reader alerted us to the Facebook group “Vote Evan Rich for the James Beard Rising Star Chef Award,” created by a friend of Rich, chef at Sumile Sushi. Rich is in a good spot if the group’s twelve current members are any indicator. Nice of the moderator to invite them all to Sumile! Let’s hope for the sake of propriety that there won’t be any comped green-tea ice cream. Vote Evan Rich for the James Beard Rising Star Chef Award [Facebook]
  20. Click and Save
    Famous Rock Writer Delivers a Sushi SummaNick Tosches, a writer best known for his books about the tormented inner lives of Jerry Lee Lewis, Dean Martin, and Sonny Liston, seems on the surface to be a weird choice to write about Tokyo’s Tsukiji seafood market and the world sushi trade. But Tosches’s article in this month’s issue of Vanity Fair should be required reading for anyone with even a passing interest in the subject. From its portrait of the market, which handles literally 4,000 times the amount of fish as the New Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx, to the elevation of bluefin tuna from its once-lowly status as an uncommercial “garbage fish,” to Tosches’s own twisted desire to eat the weirdest-looking thing he can find, the piece is wildly informative and has that slightly bent Tosches touch too.