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  1. Crime Scene
    Anti-Gentrification Protesters Attacked a Cereal Café in LondonCustomers felt “terrified for their lives.”
  2. Crimes
    Lansky’s Deli Hit by VandalsThey’ll be closed until at least tomorrow night.
  3. Mediavore
    Accused McDonald’s Vandal Pleads Not Guilty; TSA Asks Mom to Pump Breast MilkPlus long lines and fancy sandwiches at Jose Andres’ D.C. food truck and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  4. Issues
    Future Toby’s Public House Plagued by VandalsThey’re being bullied.
  5. Crime
    Fathom Seafood House Suffers Vandalism; Still Awaits OpeningThe anxiously awaited restaurant and bar from Fish and Little Fish’s owners was vandalized over the weekend.
  6. Eatiquette
    Have You Ever Experienced Restaurant Rage?A trio of McDonald’s and Olive Garden customers sure did.
  7. Closings
    The Ghost of Señor Swanky Still Haunts Bleecker StreetAfter five months, no one has claimed the ‘celebrity hangout”s iconic banner.