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Valentine’s Day

  1. making it
    The Vegan Chocolatier Who Wants to Turn Edible Butt Plugs Into a BusinessChocolatier Lagusta Yearwood of Lagusta’s Luscious applies a “ridiculous old-school punk-DIY aesthetic” to her sweets.
  2. hubba hubba
    18 Actually Romantic Things to Do This Valentine’s DayNow is the time for heart-shaped pizza.
  3. sweets
    Sweethearts Are the Only Perfect Valentine’s Day CandyGloriously generic, neatly uniform, and absolutely impersonal.
  4. grub guides
    New York’s Most Romantic Restaurants, According to 33 ChefsJust in time for Valentine’s Day.
  5. valentine’s day
    I Bought Black-Market Sweethearts — I Literally Could Not Give Them AwayFor the first Valentine’s Day in over a century, Necco’s candy hearts aren’t available. It turns out nobody really cares.
  6. the chain gang
    Panera’s Valentine’s Day Promotion Is a Spectacular DisasterNothing says romance like bread bowls and broccoli soup.
  7. couplings
    How to Pair Wine With Your Valentine’s Day ChocolateGrab a heart-shaped box and a couple of glasses.
  8. Here’s Where to Get Free Valentine’s Day Food, If You’re That DesperateHooter’s will give you a coupon if you shred a photo of your ex.
  9. Tip Rants
    A Lesbian Couple Used Their Receipt to Confront a Sexist Chef“Don’t tell lesbians they need a man on Valentine’s Day.”
  10. Stunt Foods
    A Japanese Chef Created Chocolate Ramen for Valentine’s DayIt’s sure to make for a bittersweet dinner date.
  11. Grub Guides
    16 Restaurants Where You Can Eat a Normal Meal on Valentine’s DaySkip the Champagne toasts and prix fixe menus in favor of restaurants where it’s business as usual.
  12. Wrap It Up
    This Restaurant Will Awesomely Pass Out Custom Condoms on Valentine’s Day“It’s so cheesy how ladies are given a rose … This is our answer to that.”
  13. We All Scream
    Davey’s Unleashes Red Velvet Oreo Ice CreamStarting this Friday.
  14. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks Will Offer Valentine’s ‘Pairings’ This FridaySet the mood with a flat white and croissant for one.
  15. Grub Guides
    Last-Minute Valentine’s DayThrees Brewing, Pok Pok, Jack’s Wife Freda, and more.
  16. Valentine’s Day
    The Surprising Restaurant Economics of Valentine’s DayWhy busy restaurants might actually make less money than usual on February 14.
  17. Grub Guides
    9 Thoughtful Food Gifts That Will Win This Valentine’s DayIt’s not hard to look impressive.
  18. Grub Guides
    22 NYC Restaurants Where It Will Be Business As Usual on Valentine’s DayAvoid overpriced prix-fixe menus at Marco’s, Charlie Bird, Empire Diner, and more.
  19. Leftovers
    Piora’s Winter Citrus Tasting Menu; Valentine’s Day at MomofukuPlus: Dig Inn opens at Columbia’s campus, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  20. Crazy in Love
    Brooklyn’s Brucie Serving Beyoncé-Themed Valentine’s MenuJay-Ziti for everyone.
  21. Leftovers
    Cook It Raw at Blue Hill at Stone Barns; Counter Culture’s ChampionPlus: Valentine’s Day at Il Buco, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  22. Total Hate
    L.A. Chefs Confess: Valentine’s Day Dinner Is Hard To DoBaco Mercat’s chef and owner admits tonight’s famously about gouging diners.
  23. Grub Guide
    Seven Ways Last Minute Lovebirds Can Still Save Valentines DayTime’s running out for you to find something to do with your sweetie.
  24. Valentine’s Day
    So Why Exactly Is Bubbling Fat The Music of Love, Again?Why is fondue so romantic?
  25. Leftovers
    Christina Tosi and Karlie Kloss Will Deliver Free Cookies Tomorrow; ZuckerPlus: Chefs Chris Jaeckle and Dale Talde team up for a dinner, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  26. Grub Guides
    The Very, Very Last-Minute Guide to Valentine’s Day: Dinner Plans ThatIt’s okay to wing it.
  27. Video Feed
    Watch Dave Hill’s Valentine’s Day Restaurant Guide“What’s the longest I can spend in the bathroom without being hassled?”
  28. Valentine’s Day
    Our Ultra Mega Super Colossal Valentine’s Day Roundup, Pt. 2More Valentine’s Day specials.
  29. Valentine’s Day
    Our Ultra Mega Super Colossal Valentine’s Day Roundup, Pt. 1Lots of Valentine’s Day stuff.
  30. Valentine’s Day
    A Survey of the City’s Burgeoning Craft-Chocolate SceneThis Valentine’s Day, you might want to resist the heart-shaped charms of the Whitman’s Sampler.
  31. Valentine’s Day Terror
    A $2,500 Private Valentine’s Day Dinner at the Little Owl Is Up for GrabsIt includes a personal photographer and “your date’s favorite flowers.”
  32. Mediavore
    Wedding Bells at RTM Yesterday; Triple Bypass Burger Claims the Life of aPlus: Jamie Oliver finds gold, jewels and Joy Division masters in the basement of his new restaurant; and Vladimir Putin has his own line of vodka, all in our morning news roundup.
  33. Roll-mance
    Romantic Lobster Roll Tales for Buoys and GullsRomance and lobster rolls, courtesy Luke’s Lobster.
  34. Two for Eight
    Valentine’s Tables Available at Tenpenny, Junoon, Romera, and MoreIt’s 4 p.m. and that means it’s time to play Two for Eight. Today: Last-minute Valentine’s Day reservations..
  35. Heartache
    Love Is Dead and Living in MedfordThe bottle won’t break your heart.
  36. Contests
    We’re Giving Away Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two at The Edison’s Queen of HeartsDon’t worry if every restaurant you’ve called is already full, Grub’s got the back of procrastinators.
  37. Sweet News
    Barbuzzo Bundles its Budino Again For Valentine’s DayThe crack-like dessert is available to go today.
  38. FYI
    Last Minute Lovebirds: Where to Take Your Sweetie For Valentine’s DayTime’s a’wasting, Romeo.
  39. Total Hate
    District 13 Hates Valentine’s Day So Much, Lovers Pay MoreThey promise no lovey-dovey crap, but will throw you an extra wiener when you buy one.
  40. Neighborhood Watch
    Burger Bistro Expanding to Park Slope; Empanada Mama Spreads to LESPlus: Mail-order soup and chocolate-cheese is HOT-HOT-HOT!
  41. Sloshed
    Sloshed: What, Exactly, You Should Be Drinking on Valentine’s DayThere’s more to it than just grabbing the best bottle of bubbly you can afford. Matthew Latkiewicz breaks it down.
  42. Grub Guides
    Where to Eat on Valentine’s Day: Your Own KitchenOn the one night of the year that everyone wants to go out, why not cook at home?
  43. The Grub Street Diet
    Hearth Chef Marco Canora Squashes Chips Into His Sandwiches, Can’t Get“I love nothing more than toasting a piece of bread, and putting butter on it, and a sprinkle of salt … I love it, I love it, I love it.”
  44. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Arouses V-Day AppetitesWe may never look at uni the same again.
  45. Valentine’s Day
    The Grafton Offers To Help You Dump Your ValentineA bottle of two-buck Chuck, stale crackers, and the crying of whales in your room ought to do the trick.
  46. Foodievents
    Clog Your Arteries at No. 7’s Valentine’s Day ‘Brunch’Fried chicken, french toast “stix,” shrimp cocktail, and more.
  47. Romance
    Chefs Say Valentine’s Day Actually Happens All Weekend LongEven chefs aren’t expecting you to go out on Valentine’s Day proper.
  48. Restaurant Tales
    Love Bites: Fourteen Tales of Restaurant Romance Gone AwryFrom the very people who lived them — the restaurant workers!
  49. Marketing Gimmicks
    Restaurants Only Pretending to Hate Valentine’s Day As Much As You DoSorry Gladstone’s and Ammo, holding an anti-Valentine’s Day party before Valentine’s Day doesn’t make you edgy.
  50. Coming Soon
    iNG to Open for Valentine’s DayLooks like iNG will be opening up in four days.
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