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Vadim Ponorovsky

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    Vadim vs. Shake Shack, Midtown LunchersOops, the Frites ‘N’ Meats guy did it again.
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    Frites N Meats to Rickshaw Truck: ‘You’re Ruining This forThe owner of the Frites & Meats truck tells his side of the story.
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    Vadim From Paradou Loses It Again, on Rickshaw Dumpling TruckFood truck parking wars stir racial slurs?
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    Vadim From Paradou Will Pay You $20 to Hear What You Really ThinkBefore there was Mel Gibson, there was the man who called his employees “lazy motherfuckers” and “a bunch of fucking children.”
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    Paradou Owner Vows to Make the Streets Run With BloodThe latest regarding a controversial e-mail he fired off to employees.
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    Paradou Owner Says Tirade Against Staff Was a Restaurateur’s ‘Howl’Paradou’s owner loses it on his staff.