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  1. How French
    Corton Announces It Will Close for the Month of JulyPaul Liebrandt’s modernist restaurant shuts down.
  2. Vacations
    Restaurants Keep Labor Day Alive: Lula, Hot Doug’s, Big Star, and Kuma’s StillThese restaurants just need a few more days off.
  3. Celebrity Chefs
    Chicago Chefs Take on Paris!What to eat in Paris when you are a celebrity chef.
  4. Vacations
    Restaurants Plan January VacationsA few of the city’s best restaurants will be taking vacations.
  5. Chef Shuffle
    Joe Isidori Takes Some Time Off From HarbourAn anonymous tip says he quit, but a rep tells us it’s just a vacation.
  6. Off the Line
    Baywatch: Jean-Georges Vongerichten EditionThe chef is intense even when it comes to chillin’.