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  1. health concerns
    Trader Joe’s and Other Chains Involved in Massive Food RecallThe USDA has issued a warning following possible parasite contamination of wraps and salads at T.J.’s, Kroger, and Walgreens.
  2. food insecurity
    The Farmers’ Market SNAP Crisis Gets ‘Emergency Support,’ But No Clear SolutionA nonprofit group with previous experience will fund the payment platform for 30 more days.
  3. food insecurity
    20,000 New Yorkers Will Likely Lose Farmers’ Market Access Next Month“We found out last Tuesday.”
  4. food politics
    How Trump’s Ag Secretary Helped Big Food During His First YearA new report from a major science-advocacy group lists the many ways he’s “sidelining science and favoring industry over farmers and the public.”
  5. The Beef Industry Has Begun Its Fight Against High-tech Meat Substitutes“Beef” should really come from cows, argues one industry lobbying group.
  6. animal welfare
    Trump’s USDA Is Working to Torpedo the Rules for Organic EggsIt could undermine a seven-year fight to force Big Chicken to treat animals more humanely.
  7. health concerns
    Big Food Is Removing Salt and Sugar — But Products Aren’t Getting HealthierA “surge” in saturated fats reveals the latest marketing trick.
  8. food politics
    Trump Administration Begins Dismantling Michelle Obama’s School-Lunch PoliciesUSDA Secretary Sonny Perdue believes her nutrition initiatives need a little “palatability.”
  9. going aggro
    USDA Briefly Ordered Scientists to Stop Sharing Research With the PublicThe ban was rescinded after a deluge of bad press.
  10. food policy
    5 Reasons Why Food Experts Are Worried About Trump’s New Agriculture SecretaryThey say Sonny Perdue is poised to roll back regulations, has Big Industry ties, and denies climate change.
  11. meatpacking
    New USDA Rules Make It Harder for Big Meat to Screw Small FarmersTyson and other companies have promised to fight this “overregulation.”
  12. surpluses
    Government Saves America’s Cheese Industry With $20 Million BailoutA milk glut and a sluggish demand have left the market very saturated.
  13. Food Politics
    Congress Introduced a Bill to Keep Journalists From Snooping Around Big FoodIt’s industry lobbyists’ response to the exposé over vegan mayo.
  14. Food Politics
    Feds May Define What a ‘Natural’ Food IsProbably bad news for Big Food.
  15. Egg On The Face
    The USDA Is Investigating Misuse of Public Funds to Thwart Vegan-Mayo SalesDrama, drama, drama.
  16. Found Objects
    Americans Find Some Seriously Weird Stuff in Their Hot DogsYou probably don’t want to see a silverfish or “the tip of a razor blade” inside your next frankfurter.
  17. Food Politics
    An Official ‘GMO-Free’ Label Is Finally Coming to Grocery StoresThe USDA says companies are already getting in line for certification.
  18. Food Safety
    Congress Moves to Create a Single Food-Safety Super-Agency From FDA and USDALawmakers say consolidation would make it easier to prevent foodborne illness.
  19. Beef
    ‘Pink Slime’ Beef No Longer in SchoolsBut some say the ammonia-treated product deserves more respect.
  20. Made In China
    Schumer Speaks Out Against Plan to Import Chicken From ChinaThe New York senator says USDA documents signify a new era of Chinese chicken.
  21. Shutdown
    How the Government Shutdown May Affect the Way You EatSBA loans, meat inspections, and food stamps are all affected.
  22. I’ll Fly Away
    U.S. Officials on Chinese Chicken Processing: It’s Totally Cool, Trust UsThe Chinese processors that were issued permits are in compliance with food-safety rules, the USDA says.
  23. Food Safety
    Really? USDA Says It’s Fine If China Processes America’s ChickensSome chickens are about to take a long walk off a very short pier.
  24. Beer Me
    Omission Beer Can Now Officially Call Itself ‘Gluten-Free’The beer company will now make its labels much clearer.
  25. Health Concerns
    FDA Standardizes ‘Gluten-Free’ Food LabelsThe new, technical definition allows gluten up to twenty parts per million in food labeled “gluten-free.”
  26. Labels
    Meat Groups Sue USDA Over Point of Origin LabelsIt’s a renaissance age of meat labels, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s happy.
  27. Labels
    New ‘GMO-Free’ Label Approved by Agriculture DepartmentDid your chicken ever eat transgenic alfalfa sprouts? Now you’ll know.
  28. Hoof Goes There
    Whoa: Horse Slaughter Starting Up Again in Two StatesSeabiscuit may eventually be inside your biscuits.
  29. How Your Sausage Gets Made
    Will the Sequester Really Halt Meat Production?The White House says it could. The meat industry says no.
  30. Health Concerns
    USDA Shutters Central Valley Slaughterhouse Over Animal Abuse AllegationsEven worse, the USDA was buying its beef for school lunch and emergency food programs.
  31. Bad Idea
    Pink Slime Might Be in the Past, But Poultry Is Getting GrosserSlaughterhouses on speed.
  32. Mediavore
    Molotovs Crash the Cocktail Party in West Philly; How About an ‘Unhappy Meal’ toPlus: FDA passes on a BPA ban; and BK rolls out smoothies, chicken strips and more as part of its new menu lineup, all in our morning news roundup.
  33. Oliver!
    Possibly Feeling Left Out, Jamie Oliver Launches a Stop Pink Slime WebsiteThe Naked Chef reminds you that he opposed the meat filler long before you did.
  34. Food Politics
    Schools Can ‘Opt Out’ of Pink SlimeOf course, the alternative doesn’t really sound much better.
  35. Health Concerns
    Very Low-Grade Beef: USDA Still Buying Pink ‘Slime’ for SchoolTwo former microbiologists speak out against the potential hazards of the gross “meat” product.
  36. Mediavore
    USDA Awards Grant Money to Local Farmers Markets Groups; Margarine Ban’sPlus: LivingSocial gets ready to launch exclusive food events; and sustainable meat supply might hinge on an overwhelming mass embrace of tripe, all in our morning news roundup.
  37. Food Politics
    Dems Blame Boenher and the GOP for Listeria and E. Coli OutbreaksRecent listeria and E. coli outbreaks are being called a “wake-up call.”
  38. Mediavore
    Ocean City Restaurateurs Submit BYOB Petition; The French Are Getting Fat TooPlus: USDA date shows a 17 percent increase in the number of farmers markets in the past year; and the sea buckthorn berry is the latest miracle cure on the scene, all in our morning news roundup.
  39. Mediavore
    Cancer Patients’ Urine Is the Likely Culprit For Radiation in Philly’sPlus: Everything you ever wanted to know about reading wine labels; and Michelle Obama’s deal with Wal-Mart to combat food deserts, all in our morning news roundup.
  40. Food Safety
    America Set to Finally Learn About Food Safety Through the Inescapable Power ofThe USDA is launching a new advertising campaign.
  41. FYI
    NY to PA’s Needy: Your Goose Is CookedThe geese will be shipped to Pennsylvania, where they will feed the poor.
  42. Mediavore
    LAUSD Gears Up To Make Food Donations; Coffee Causes HallucinationsThe Los Angeles School District will start donating its significant stock of unused food to local non-profits starting next week.
  43. Mediavore
    Nutter’s Ultimatum: Soda Tax or Increased Property Taxes; Too Much CoffeePlus: Scientists are very close to producing “super wheat”; and McDonald’s in Europe gets hip to sustainable fish, all in our morning news roundup.
  44. Food Safety
    Proposed USDA Budget Cuts Mean We’ll All Probably Get Real Accustomed toOh, and they’ll wind up costing taxpayers a lot of money.
  45. Mediavore
    Mouse-Wielding Food Terrorist Ordered to Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation; CoconutPlus: Christina Hendricks taped an episode of Top Chef with her husband; and urban wineries gain prominence, all in our morning news roundup.
  46. Health Concerns
    Why Won’t the Government Just Let Us Take Superstrong Diet Pills?Oh, because they might cause heart attacks.
  47. Mediavore
    A New Ruling on Wine Sales in NJ Could Crush Local Wineries; Martha Stewart GetsPlus: With new dietary guidelines, the USDA warns against calories, soda and salt; and Chili’s tests new barbecue menu items, all in our morning news roundup.
  48. Mediavore
    Egyptians Stockpiling Food; Sara Lee SplitsThe cookie company divides itself in two, while continuing protests in Egypt have people stocking up.
  49. Mediavore
    It’s Do or Die Time For Tasty Baking Co.; L.A. Gangs Target Food TrucksPlus Subway dabbles in gluten-free, and a global food crisis now seems imminent, all in our morning news roundup.
  50. Olive Oil
    Are You Buying Counterfeit Olive Oil?Our country is full of sub-par olive oil.
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