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Urban Farming

  1. Studies
    A New Study Comes Down Hard on the Actual Benefits of Urban FarmingA reality check to the yuppie dream.
  2. About To Croque
    It Took a Year for These Farmers to Grow Every Ingredient They Needed for a“It took us a year, day and night, and 35,000 euro, and we only got 350 sandwiches in the end.”
  3. Loco for Locavores
    Redondo Beach Legalizes Urban Bee-KeepingBut still short on hipster foodists.
  4. Foodievents
    Whip That Green Thumb Into ShapeWith BK Farmyards’ urban-farming boot camp.
  5. Urban Farming
    BrightFarms Wants to Keep New Yorkers in Hydroponic VeggiesA planned 100,000-square-foot rooftop farm in Sunset Park should help.
  6. Urban Farming
    Brooklyn Grange Expanding to … BrooklynIt’s claimed a rooftop in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard.
  7. What to Read
    Urban-Farming Lit for DIY TypesFood 52 has launched an urban-gardening column.
  8. Mediavore
    Dole Food Co. Settles Over $9 Billion in Lawsuits; Guy Fieri Plans CarnivalThe rambunctious T.V. chef might also open his own New York restaurant, whether the city wants it or not.
  9. Gone Green
    Triscuits Bringing Urban Farms to L.A. and ChicagoKraft’s efforts seem designed to highlight the fact that Triscuits, unlike its Kool-Aid, Oreo Fudge Cremes, or Velveeta, is actually made out of whole grains.
  10. Mediavore
    Mozza Pigs Out; Janet Jackson Barbie Auctioned For Project Angel FoodThe Hollywood Italian favorite is holding dinners featuring whole hogs, while sadly, the Barbie Doll does not come from the singer’s Rhythm Nation phase.
  11. Mediavore
    Suge Knight Arrested at Universal City Walk Restaurant; Shooting at Valley GlenThe Death Row Records boss draws heat for a traffic violation while the Golden Arches has a gang-related shooting this morning.
  12. Mediavore
    7-11 Scrambles For President Obama’s Slurpee Summit; Where to Eat in AfghanistanThe chain takes the President’s words seriously, while a writer looks at dining out in a war-torn country.