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Upstairs At Bouley

  1. Closings
    Bouley Closes Upstairs — UpdatedThe chef closed Bouley Bakery and Market in April.
  2. Back of the House
    Bouley Staying Put for Now; Who Are the New Owners?The latest development in the David Bouley Evolution saga comes to us today via FloFab at the Times, who reports that Bouley isn’t leaving the project but rather reworking it more along the lines of his Tribeca eatery Bouley Upstairs. There is said to be a new ownership group, which is unidentified. (Our trusted source tells us that it’s the BLT Group, and we’re not buying Tourondel’s denial.) Still, the news seems weird. Bouley Upstairs is a small, quirky, easygoing place, a “haphazardly endearing restaurant,” as Rob and Robin call it. That’s going to be David Bouley’s presence at the Ritz-Carlton? Somehow, this doesn’t look promising. Off the Menu [NYT] Earlier: Will Laurent Tourondel Clean Up David Bouley’s Miami Mess?