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United States Of Arugula

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    Mario Batali and David Kamp on Why We’re All Foodies NowMario Batali and food historian David Kamp, author of The United States of Arugula, will be talking food and culture at Makor tonight at seven. Kamp is a cultural historian who has captured the story of how America was educated in cuisine during the sixties and seventies by people like James Beard and Julia Child, and how serious we’ve become about food as a result. Batali, of course, is the chef who has taken this wave straight to the top. How gourmet cookery went from being a pursuit reserved for effete bon vivants to the heart of mainstream culture is a long, strange tale, and these two men are the ones to tell it. The United States of Arugula, Steinhardt Building, 35 W. 67th St., nr. Central Park W.; 212-415-5500; 7 p.m.