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  1. tie-ins
    Uniqlo’s New Ramen Shirts Are Actually Pretty GreatThe company has incorporated eight famous ramen logos into “playful” wearable designs.
  2. Neighborhood Watch
    Get Sauced Before You Fly at JFK; Kati Roll No. 4 Opens TomorrowPlus, Local Roots NYC will now have five CSA locations, and more, in our daily news roundup.
  3. Momofuku Model
    Just in Time for Fashion Week, Dave Chang Gets Modeling GigDon’t feed the models. Or do?
  4. Ago-a-go-go
    Can JGV Save Ago From Itself?No doubt displeased with the less-than-stellar reviews for his Tribeca outpost, Ago, Robert De Niro may be bringing in the A-team.
  5. In the Magazine
    A Rooftop Farm in Little Italy; Platt Unimpressed With AllegrettiAlso in the magazine: affordable truffle dinners and an escarole recipe from Jimmy Carbone.
  6. Mediavore
    Joey Chestnut Reigns Over Pizza; Gossipy Memoir From Pino LuongoAlso in our news roundup: an alternative to Momofuku Ko, and a lesbian bar revitalized.
  7. Back of the House
    Chef Patti Jackson Is Served First‘I’m really bossy.’
  8. Slideshow
    Reimagining Dessert at SWEETA slideshow of tasty treats from the city’s leading pastry chefs, from Jean Georges to Kyotofu.
  9. New York Food & Wine Festival
    Today in New York City Wine & Food Festival CoverageFrom Gordon Ramsay on veal spinal cord to Al Roker on getting special treatment at the Shake Shack.
  10. Gastro Gods
    Ferran on FilmTwo new videos from Ferran Adrià’s Per Se event; plus, Ferran shops in Chinatown and cooks at home.
  11. New York Food & Wine Festival
    Shang and Macao Trading Co. Make Debuts (Sort Of)We got our first tastes of the as-yet unopened restaurants last night.
  12. Burger Bash
    Ogling the Offerings at the Burger BashA look at last night’s scene.
  13. New York Wine and Food Festival
    Overheard at the Grand TastingWhen asked to list her various restaurants, Anita Lo noted that she’s not yet been to her own Rickshaw dumpling truck.
  14. Burger Bash
    Rachael Ray’s Burger Bash: Katie Lee Joel Wins With Grilled CheeseOur highly scientific taste tests and other highlights from Friday night’s competition.
  15. Chalk Bored
    Paella Wars?Jeff Diesel, bartender at Boqueria, sends us his latest chalkboard masterpiece.
  16. Swiss Watch
    Café Select Opens for DinnerWe’re thinking it qualifies as a ‘female’ restaurant.
  17. Meat Crimes
    Drop the KielbasaA cocaine distribution ring was based in a Greenpoint meat market.
  18. NewsFeed
    Russian Tea Room Hires Marc Taxiera As ChefThe Russian Tea Room has found itself a new chef: former Beppe boss Marc Taxiera. Only in his first few weeks there, Taxiera is already revamping the menu, which has been in a state of suspended animation since former chef Gary Robins got the mitten in February. Taxiera has flown under the radar a little but is actually one of the more talented young chefs in town: Despite having no experience other than an ICE externship at Felidia and a job on the line at Baldoria, he did so well at Beppe that he was promoted from within when chef Cesare Casella left the restaurant to concentrate his energies on Maremma. Even though it’s on what is usually thought of as a cursed street, Beppe continued to flourish, owing largely to Taxiera’s smart, muscular menu. Whether all that translates into Russian is another story, but it’s a smart move for the embattled Russian Tea Room. Related: Russian Tea Room Fires Gary Robins, and Robins Fires Back
  19. Mediavore
    A Happy New York Ending for Gordo; Bruni Thinks Michelin Ratings ‘JustGordon Ramsay at the London is the only new restaurant in town to earn two stars in the Michelin Guide, a conquest that’s especially sweet here where the chef is often maligned and/or mocked — by us, for example. [NYP] Related: Gordon Ramsay, Gay Icon Two of Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s “lesser lights,” Vong and JoJo, have received the same Michelin rating as Café Boulud, and according to Bruni, “that’s just nutty.” [Diner’s Journal/NYT] Jean-Georges has promoted a 24-year-old star sous-chef to be chef de cuisine at Perry St. [Eater]
  20. NewsFeed
    50K Spent on Fish at Uniqlo Store Opening?Sure, you can always pay $10,000 for AM to D.J. your store opening (that’s what a publicist who worked with him told us he pulled), but for true atmosphere, why not hire an Iron Chef to put on a promotional robe and cut up toro all night? We’re not sure how many $99.99 cashmere sweaters the new Uniqlo outpost will have to sell to make back Morimoto’s appearance fee, but we can tell you this much: While sipping sake from wooden Uniqlo boxes, we heard secondhand that one of the party’s organizers said the fish cost $50,000. (Morimoto’s people said the number was off but wouldn’t say by how much, or whether it included the charge for his actual appearance.) Whatever the store paid, it was worth seeing Morimoto wielding his sword (possibly the $30,000 one?) and mugging for the Japanese girls who must’ve popped off 100 photos of him while perched at his elbow. The Iron man’s sous-chef also hammed it up: When one attendee demanded the very last cut of toro, the chef grinned facetiously and, instead of rolling up rice, served it to him on a ball of wasabi. Update: A publicist for Uniqlo informs us that the fish, a specially imported, 100-pound whole loin of bluefin tuna, only cost $4,000, though one ordering an equal amount of the fish from a sushi restaurant might spend $25,000. She would not say whether Morimoto’s appearance fee accounted for the remainder of the $50,000, if that figure was accurate at all.