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Umberto’s Clam House

  1. Rent
    Little Italy Restaurateurs Grapple With Huge Rent HikesIt’s time to go eat some ziti.
  2. Community Boards
    Umberto’s Clam House Sails Through CB2 Meeting; Empanada Mama Gets BurnedTwo different restaurants get two very different reactions from the board’s SLA committee.
  3. Openings
    More Clams for Umberto’s Space With Crudo Vineria Con CucinaThe Italian seafood restaurant should debut next week.
  4. Closings
    Che Peccato! Umberto’s and Scuderia CloseNo more 3:30 a.m. fettucine Alfredo?
  5. Recession Is Your Friend
    Umberto’s Takes Back Half-Off DealBut Charley O’s is still hooking you up!
  6. Recession Is Your Friend
    Restaurants Now Resorting to ‘Half-Off Sales’And they’re not being shy about it, either.
  7. Restroom Report
    Mirrors, Mirrors in the Stall at Umberto’s Clam HouseUmberto’s Clam House is best known as the place where mobster Crazy Joe Gallo was gunned down while eating scungilli with clam sauce; these days the pasta mill is a couple of blocks away from its original location and the only thing likely to kill you is the massive plate of butter-bombed linguine Alfredo (though just as cheesy maritime décor may well blind you). Still, after eating with our backs to the wall we decided to check out the restrooms in order to see a side of New York City to which only tourists are, well, privy.