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  1. Guest Stars
    Micah Wexler Bringing Dead Chefs To Dinner at UmamicatessenMasterchef competitor Sharone Hakman will also offer an exploration of global barbecue at the Downtown restaurant.
  2. Guest Stars
    Micah Wexler Returns: Launching Umamicatessen’s New Guest Chef Concept ThisThe Residency will host national guest chefs over dinner once a week, starting with the former Mezze owner and chef.
  3. Foodievents
    Chris Cosentino Cooking Pig Parts at Pigg!The chef plans on cooking salt-cured pork liver and pig’s blood soup, among other dishes.
  4. Burger Time
    Umami Wants Its ‘End of the World’ Burger To Be Your Last Meal on EarthIf the world was really going to end, we’d probably be at Providence.
  5. Grub Guide
    Eight Places to Pig-Out Before ‘The Aporkalypse’Pork belly served eight ways, Iberico raw and in ice cream, and crispy pig head croquettes await.
  6. Rants
    The Wall Street Journal Skims L.A.’s SurfaceThe paper makes a few irrelevant picks while “finding a food Mecca in the West.”
  7. The Happiest Hours on Earth
    Umamicatessen and Mercado Start Happy HourTwo different sides of town, similar low prices on booze and food.
  8. Foodievents
    Cosentino Debuts ‘Pigg Penn’ Family Dinner This Thursday at UmamicatessenThe chef is preparing a family-style meal with a centerpiece pork roast for one-night only.
  9. The Other Critics
    Redemption for UMAMIcatessen Via The Goldster; SIV Lists Her Fav Spots For LongUmami pastrami: Where do you weigh in?
  10. Total Hate
    Umamicatessen’s Pastrami Pass Gets PulledThe fourteen-dollar sandwich gets rousted for not standing up to Langer’s.
  11. The Other White Meat
    Chris Cosentino Messes With Texas Toast and PigtailsThe chef calls his newest creation at Pigg, “a play on the classic BBQ pulled pork sandwich served on white bread.”
  12. Leftovers
    Lou Leaving Lou For Lou Two; Coen Brothers Cocktails at Show at BarreOwner Lou Amdur will hand over the keys to his Hollywood wine bar next Wednesday.
  13. Mediavore
    Mitt Romney Loves Meatloaf Cakes; Red Meat Is Still Killing YouEating red or processed meat daily could increase your mortality rate by thirteen percent.
  14. So Offal
    Cosentino Drops His ‘Brainaise’ on Downtown L.A.That’s aioli with blended pig brains, naturally.
  15. Openings
    Umamicatessen Opening March 3rd with Back Bar, The Cure, Spring for Coffee, andThe Incanto chef’s latest project will debut in Adam Fleischman’s modern mega-deli Umamicatessen.
  16. Lists
    Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Notable Openings and Closings of 2011The restaurants we loved to see come and go in 2011.
  17. Chef Shuffles
    Chris Cosentino Opening Pigg in Downtown L.A.’s UmamicatessenThe San Francisco offal devotee tempts L.A. with Sicilian pig ear sandwiches and Iberico crudo.
  18. Sam’s Club
    Sam Nazarian Partners With Umami Burger for National ExpansionAfter blazing a trail through NorCal and San Diego, the burger chain will concentrate on New York, Miami, Vegas, and Houston.
  19. Empire Building
    Two Boots Pizza and Umamicatessen Elected to Bring Back BroadwayThe two new restaurant projects are being cited as central parts of José Huizar’s plan to bring the historic corridor back to its former glory.
  20. Empire Building
    With Downtown’s Umamicatessen, Adam Fleischman is Just Getting StartedThe owner of L.A.’s red-hot burger chain has an ambitious new outpost planned in Downtown, but that’s not all.