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  1. food delivery
    Is the Uber-Postmates Deal Good for Restaurants?Operators tell Grub Street: It’s complicated.
  2. drone deliveries
    Uber Says It Will Test 5-Minute Food Deliveries by DroneIt’s part of a trial program being rolled out in San Diego.
  3. super bowl gimmicks
    Tostitos Made a Chip Bag That Shames You for Getting DrunkIt will even call you an Uber, if things get that bad.
  4. news you can booze
    Self-Driving Truck Makes 100-Mile Beer RunThe future arrives. And it’s got cases of Budweiser.
  5. empire building
    UberEats Will Elbow Its Way Into at Least 22 New CountriesIt expects to roll out the app in eight more cities by the end of 2016.
  6. Delivery
    Postmates Launches 15-Minute Delivery Service in New York TodayWhat’s good, Uber?
  7. Delivery
    Uber Cancels ‘Instant Delivery’ Service in New York CityNo more Sweetgreen within ten minutes.
  8. Delivery
    How Uber’s New Food Delivery Service WorksThe interface is simple and straightforward, and food arrives quickly, but UberEATS struggles to stand out from the pack.
  9. Delivery
    Uber’s Food-Delivery App Will Price-Gouge RestaurantsIt’ll take a 30 percent cut of the bill.
  10. Delivery
    Uber’s Food-Delivery App Is Launching in 10 U.S. CitiesUberEATS is expected to join the herd of big-city meal couriers by March.
  11. Delivery
    Uber Just Launched Its Super-Fast Food-Delivery Service in New YorkWith food from Num Pang, Sweetgreen, and Mighty Quinn’s.
  12. Kale Caesar!
    Here’s How You Can Get Sweetgreen Delivered TodaySalad and dessert, to go.
  13. The Future
    Uber Begins Testing 10-Minute Food DeliveryMaybe prepare for $35 surge-priced chicken-noodle soup.
  14. The Ice Cream Man Is Coming
    Uber’s Delivering Mister Softee on Demand Today“Demand will be very high and availability limited,” it warns.
  15. Hamburger Helpers
    Uber Tested Burger Delivery Service Yesterday in OaklandUsers summoned Doc’s cheeseburgers for two with the click of a button.
  16. Leftovers
    Kitchensurfing and Food52’s Holiday Market; Pastry Chef Lauren Fortgang ReturnsPlus: The Meatball Shop’s Gobble Gobble Balls return, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  17. Memes On Wheels
    Finally, Cupcakes and Kittens Are Together and On DemandIt’s come to this.
  18. Leftovers
    No. 7 Subs at the US Open; Uber’s Brooklyn Promotion Includes Free SnacksPlus: Maison Premiere’s Labor Day party, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  19. Hallelujah
    Tomorrow, You Can Request an Ice-Cream Truck Via UberCan this be a regular thing?
  20. Truckin’
    Food Truckers to Let Uber Do the Driving For the Brewerytown RoundupGo ahead and enjoy a couple drinks, Uber’s got your ride home under control.
  21. Ice Cream
    Uber To Expand Into On-Demand Ice Cream Trucks. Uh-Oh.Uber to deliver ice cream as well as town cars.
  22. Ice Cream
    Uber Launches On-Demand Ice Cream Truck [Updated]At last, an ice cream truck that delivers.