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  1. lawsuits
    The Feds Are Investigating Tyson for Chicken Price-fixingIt faces a subpoena following claims that Big Chicken has artificially inflated prices for eight years.
  2. future of food
    America’s Largest Meat Processor Just Invested in a Vegan Start-UpTyson now has a 5 percent stake in Beyond Meat.
  3. recalls
    Tyson Recalls 130,000 Pounds of Chicken NuggetsThink twice before your next midnight snack.
  4. video feed
    Here’s the Predictably Awful Video That Convinced Tyson to Retrain Its WorkersThe company also fired ten employees seen abusing animals.
  5. Big Chicken
    Factory Farming Now Causes ‘Woody Breasts’It’s one of several unappetizing muscle diseases afflicting poultry.
  6. Animal Welfare
    Here’s Why Supersize Chickens Are the Next Animal-Welfare FightCage-free is old news, so activists are eyeing America’s 9 billion broiler chickens.
  7. Recalls
    Tyson Just Recalled 25 Tons of Chicken WingsApparently, they had an “off odor.”
  8. Animal Cruelty
    A McDonald’s Chicken Supplier Pleaded Guilty to Animal CrueltyIn an undercover video, the farmers were very blasé about impaling birds with spikes.
  9. Mediavore
    Tastykakes Sale to Flower Foods Now Complete; Oscar Meyer’s Weinermobile GetsPlus: Labeling loophole keeps genetically modified foods in the dark, and Tyson ramps up efforts to market dark chicken meat to “picky” Americans, all in our morning news roundup.