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  1. Mediavore
    Philadelphia Union Scores With a Bimbo; Hospitality Sector Adds 25,000 New JobsPlus McDonald’s Fruit and Maple oatmeal doesn’t actually contain any maple syrup, and concerns over dioxin-tainted animal feed spreads to France and Denmark, all in our morning news roundup.
  2. Lists
    Who Made the Top 100 Restaurant Tweeters ListThe Top 100 Restaurant Tweeters for 2010.
  3. Beef
    Tweeter Feels the Wrath of David Chang (and So Will Tonight’sDavid Chang gets into a Twitter tiff with a former fan, and appears on ‘Top Chef.’
  4. Social Experiments
    Food Writer Becomes Foodiot, Just to See What It’s LikeCan a “food amnesiac” make his meals more memorable by blogging them?
  5. Mysteries
    Spotted: David Chang in Cambridge Last Night … But With Whom?Who was at Craigie last night with David Chang?
  6. FYI
    Lydia Shire, Where Art Thou?Locke-Ober and Towne seek social media glory in interesting ways.
  7. Quote of the Day
    Lew Bryson Has Something to Say About the Dangers of BeerThe author of Pennsylvania Breweries takes the British scientific journal The Lancet to task over a recent article it published.
  8. Foodievents
    Celebrate Sampan’s Entry Into the TwittersphereFor their arrival on Twitter, Sampan is throwing a party.
  9. FYI
    Twitter Users Say Chain’s Meatballs Are The Best In BostonA Twitter poll crowns a surprising meatball champ.
  10. Mediavore
    Prince Michael Jackson Packs Food For Peru; TiGeorges Chicken Will ReturnThe son of the King of Pop donates his time for the hungry and Echo Park’s Haitian chicken favorite is again under construction.
  11. Mediavore
    Kitchen Nightmares Chef Found Dead; Ludo Looks at French Street FoodJoseph Cirniglia is found dead in The Hudson River, and L.A.’s pop-up chef phenom has another hit on his hands with a food truck.
  12. Foodievents
    How To Participate in L.A. Times Celebration of Food And Wine From ThePeople unable to go or too full at other events can still Tweet questions to food editor Russ Parsons and food truck operators.
  13. Bookshelf
    Eat Tweet Advocates Cooking Without ParsleyCan a cookbook comprised of Twitter-length recipes work?
  14. Mediavore
    Schools Ban Chocolate Milk; Egg Recall Causes Hike in Egg Prices
  15. Mediavore
    FDA Cracks Down on Egg Factories; Mark Peel Prepares Campfire PotatoesInspections are planned for hundreds of egg facilities, while the Campanile chef pairs with Weiser Farms for next weekend’s food festival.
  16. Slideshow
    4Food Introduces the Viral RestaurantA tour of the most socially networked fast-food joint of all time.
  17. Twitterverse
    Ryan Skeen: ‘It’s All Been a Little Too Much the Past Year’The “shitshow all-star” on why he quit Twitter.
  18. Other Sites
    Is Ryan Skeen the Latest Twitter Quitter?Another tweeting chef bites the dust.
  19. Truckin’
    Keep on Tweetin’: Foobooz Tracks Food TrucksThe future of food in Philly will be on the streets.
  20. Mixocalypse
    Drago Centro Calls For Your Cocktail RecipesAmateur mixologists can tweet their cocktail recipes in a new contest.
  21. In the Magazine
    Platt Capitulates to ABC Kitchen’s Gimmicks; Debating Dining-RoomAlso in this week’s magazine: a hundred-layer lasagne at Del Posto, and Fornino Park Slope opens.
  22. Contests
    Win Dinner at BLD for Your Plat du Jour IdeasDiana Stavaridis starts a weekly recipe contest.
  23. Twitterverse
    It’s JoeDoe vs. FauxDoe! (Plus: Ryan Skeen and JoeDoe Collide)The latest from the toques who tweet.
  24. Beef
    JoeDoe vs. JoeLeo: Dobias Curses Out the Joseph Leonard“Food was shit and the sheep were shoveling it down!”
  25. Facebook for Foodies
    What Are You Eating Right Now?MunchMad forms for everyone who needs to discuss their meals.
  26. Oh Sherry!
    VirbilaSucks Twitter Page VanishesDid Lynn Kim succumb to pressure from a foodie mafia?
  27. Oh Sherry!
    Twitter Campaign Criticizes L.A. Times CriticLynn Kim starts a “Virbila Sucks” campaign.
  28. The Other Critics
    Sam Sifton Challenges Gold, GQ, and Shindler; Brad A. Johnson AdoresThe New York Times’ restaurant critic challenges his peers’ take on Los Angeles eating.
  29. Openings
    Twitters Starting at Square OneWhere else but Saugus could a restaurant called Twitters open?
  30. Beef
    NFL Receiver Ochocinco Lashes Out at Katana RestaurantChad Ochocinco says he was turned away with his friends after pre-paying at a West Hollywood restaurant.
  31. Communication from the Kitchen
    Vintage Twitter at KanellaCommuniques from Kanella’s kitchen window
  32. Twitterverse
    Times Will Blow the Roof Off Tweeting ToquesPlus, Ryan Skeen is indeed back in the saddle.
  33. Marketing Gimmicks
    Tasti D-Lite, SushiSamba Find Dumbest Possible Ways to Use TwitterTasti D-Lite will expose your soft-serve habit to the world.
  34. The Other Critics
    Sietsema on TwitterThe ‘Village Voice’ critic joins the feed.
  35. Trends
    Hatfield’s Discusses ‘Why Your Twitter Might Suck’Karen and Quinn Hatfield have some fun online.
  36. Beef
    Tommy Up Maligns Bobby Flay’s Fashion Sense, But What About His Burgers?Twittering Tommy Up is back
  37. Mediavore
    Michael Voltaggio Hits The Gulf; Costco Cuts CokeA Top Chef contestant cooks in Qatar and a famous soda gets canned at a major outlet.
  38. Chef Shuffle
    Ryan Skeen Is Dismissed From Allen & DelanceyThe chef recently vented on Twitter.
  39. Openings
    Inevitable ‘Tweservations’ Service LaunchesA new startup gets Twitter into the reservation game.
  40. Marketing Gimmicks
    Drago Centro Begins Blind Wine-Tasting Contest on TwitterDrago Centro is giving its wine away through Twitter.
  41. Openings
    New Pitchfork (Restaurant) Unaware of NamesakeA new restaurant doesn’t seem to realize its connection to the indie-music world.
  42. Phyllis Stein-Novack
    Phyllis Stein-Novack May Be on TwitterThe South Philly Review critic has tweeted
  43. Mediavore
    Cooking with Wood is Back; Twitter to Make Wine
  44. Beef
    Barney Greengrass Fires Waiter for Twittering About GuestsBarney Greengrass fires an employee for violating celebrities’ privacy on Twitter.
  45. Marketing Gimmicks
    Grace’s Neal Fraser Wants Your Ingredient Ideas for a Restaurant Week RecipeNeal Fraser wants Twitter fans to give him recipe ideas.
  46. Lists
    Michelin Twitters ‘09 TeasersMichelin signs up for a twitter account for the San Francisco guide, due out Oct. 20.
  47. Free Stuff
    Moto Rewards Live-Twittered DinnersChef Homaro Cantu rewards twitterers with free drinks and more.
  48. Empire Building
    Is Ludo Looking For His Own Place?Chef Luod reveals his next step on Twitter.
  49. Trends
    Would You Prefer Twitter or Non-Twitter?Restaurateur suggests a special section for those who can’t keep their iPhones off.
  50. VideoFeed
    Go Fish With Sky Full of BaconA look at sustainable seafood - why it matters, where to get it, and how delicious it is.
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