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  1. Top Chef
    Top Chef Wants You to Come Up With This Season’s QuickfiresWe’ve got some ideas to get your started.
  2. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Then We Came to the EndTo the show’s credit, the winning chef was something of a surprise, but nothing controversial happened, nothing that will be discussed at the water cooler today.
  3. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Meet Me in the Mess HallIt doesn’t feel like the kind of episode that’s leading into a season finale so much as something that could have run in the third or fourth week.
  4. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Flunking OutPadma eating out of a petri dish is something that could only occur on a show of this caliber.
  5. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Put a Ring on It“This is poignant and makes me want to throw up in my mouth.”
  6. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Meals on Wheels“Most of the chefs are lazy and decide they’re not going to cook anything.”
  7. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: FriedPlus: a tip on where to find one of the best doughnuts in southern California.
  8. Overnights
    Episode 9“Joey laments: ‘The day is not going the way I envisioned it going,’ which we can only imagine was Osama bin Laden’s final thought on this earth.”
  9. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Losin’ It“I’m pretty sure I just watched one of the Two Hot Tamales almost call me an asshole on TV.”
  10. Overnights
    Episode 8“This is a direct challenge — a shot across the bow of U.S.S. Kale City, the unsinkable frigate that takes on all comers.”
  11. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Curveballs in the Kitchen“Traci’s thinking it all sounds a little too easy, at which point Curtis assures everyone that, yes, it sounds a little too easy.”
  12. Overnights
    Episode 7“I feel like a preteen girl defending Justin Bieber, or a balding alcoholic defending Charlie Sheen.”
  13. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: ‘In That Kitchen Was Divas’Plus: The salty-scallop man returns.
  14. Overnights
    Episode 6“It’s like all natural phenomena and all of human culture are merely instruments through which Steve Ells can more closely examine the viability of concepts.”
  15. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Extreme Makeover EditionDoes a top-to-bottom revamp make this show any better?
  16. Overnights
    Episode 5“Never let it be said that Bobby Flay is not a man obsessed with dipping sauces.”
  17. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: Always a Bridesmaid, Never a BrideThe finale version of Restaurant Wars went a lot better than the regular kind!
  18. Overnights
    America’s Next Great Restaurant Recap: David Rees Has a ColdThis week: One contestant will be named Lord of the Pod People.
  19. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: If I Tried I Could Definitely Throw UpNot the finale!
  20. Overnights
    Episode 3More concepts than season three of Donald Trump’s ‘Celebrity Epistemologist.’
  21. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: Sour Grapes, Salty LosersLast night’s most true statement: “I don’t want to see Mike Isabella topless. And you don’t either.”
  22. Overnights
    Episode 2Plus a whole lot of logos, and shots of Steve Ells looking miserable.
  23. Overnights
    Fit for a KingThe lead up to the lead up to the finale was on fire (literally).
  24. Overnights
    America’s Next Great Restaurant Recap: David Rees on the Premiere“So now you know: Any restaurant that opens between now and the conclusion of this show will not be great.”
  25. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: He Flicks His Boogers on MeGuess which two cheftestants are related!
  26. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: There Is Man Law, and There Is Chef Law“I could put you over my knee and whip your cute little ass,” quoth Paula Deen.
  27. Top Chef
    See a Photo of Top Chef’s Carla in Her Modeling Days [Updated]It is SO nineties chic.
  28. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: Elmo Said My Cookie Looks Like Sh-tThe Muppets took a vacation from ‘Sesame Street’ to visit the chefs.
  29. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: We Actually Have a Beef-Tongue SongExperiments with sausage, NBC synergy, and Dale’s crush on Angelo.
  30. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: It Smells Like Marinara in the Walls“Get your guns ready, it’s an Italian challenge.”
  31. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: A Thumb in the EyeRestaurant Wars!
  32. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: The Professor and the Strange Italian Immigrant“We’re sitting in Marcel’s lap holding his rod.”
  33. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: Nightmare on Eldridge StreetLet’s just say we’re glad none of the chefs actually serve dim sum in real life.
  34. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: Too Many Tennis AnalogiesThis week’s episode got its shills confused, highlighting stuffing after Thanksgiving and the U.S. Open in the dead of winter.
  35. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: A Better Obsession Than Cocaine or HeroinThis week’s episode brought out the big guns: Michael White, David Chang, Wylie Dufresne, and David Burke.
  36. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: Open SeasonWell, that elimination was a surprise.
  37. Top Chef
    Top Chef: All Stars Recap: A Trip Down Memory Lane, For Better or WorseSpike, Marcel, Richard, Carla, Jen … the gang’s all here!
  38. Top Chef
    Top Chef Finale Recap: It’s Just So SubjectiveThe season seven winner is crowned!
  39. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: Woking It OutThe first half of the finale had our chefs cooking Singapore street food and catering yet another party.
  40. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Too Many Space Metaphors, Not Enough MusselsThe chefs hang out with Buzz Aldrin as the finalists are chosen.
  41. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: Take Us Out of the Ball GameThe chefs have to cater a baseball game and, shockingly, arguments ensue.
  42. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: The Most Nightmarish Mystery-Box Challenge EverMystery ingredients galore and a trip to the CIA trip up the cheftestants.
  43. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Restaurant Wars!Everyone’s favorite challenge arrives, with Alex once again at the center of the drama.
  44. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: Around the World in 60 MinutesThis week the chefs had to do quite a bit of international cooking.
  45. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: Give Peas a ChanceDid Alex make a power play during ‘Power Lunch’ and steal Ed’s pea purée?
  46. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: Duck Nuts and Boat RidesHow would you like to try a testicle marshmallow?
  47. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: You’ve Got CrabsA seafood challenge reminds one cheftestant of his STD.
  48. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: Needs More GlazeProduct placement continues as the chefs create a new signature dish for the Hilton.
  49. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: We’re Going on a Picnic!Last night’s episode included the great American traditions of pie, picnics, and promoting new shows.
  50. Top Chef
    Top Chef Recap: School’s OutThe cheftestants struggle to make lunch for 50 kids using a public-school budget.
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