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  1. TV Land
    Street Gourmet L.A. Meets Bizarre Foods This MondayThe blogger takes host ANdrew zimmern for tortas ahogadas and backyard barbacoa.
  2. TV Land
    Breast-feeding Reality Show in the WorksWe guess they’ve run out of other things to do on TV with boobs.
  3. Openings
    Duff Goldman Courts Kiddies at CakemixThe design-your-own-cake shop sits next to his Charm City Cakes.
  4. TV Land
    No Reservations Scores at Critics’ Choice T.V. AwardsAnthony Bourdain’s travel show won for “Best Reality Series” last night.
  5. TV Land
    Slurp Like It’s 1995 and Bring Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi to BostonSeinfeld’s surly Soup Nazi wants to serve you.
  6. TV Land
    A Nookie UpdateSorry, Nookie, we got ahead of ourselves.
  7. Imports
    Curtis Stone Nearly Ready to Roll on L.A. Restaurant LeaseThe TV chef says he’s yet to sign a lease, but “getting very close.”
  8. TV Land
    Patricia Yeo Is a Top Chef MasterBut is Moksa ready for prime-time?
  9. TV Land
    Top Chef Masters Season Four Announced: Francis Lam, Missy Robbins,Starting July 25.
  10. TV Land
    Actually, Not Weird At All!Andrew Zimmern loves Island Creek.
  11. TV Land
    Now You Can Watch Law & Order Stars Eat Their EmotionsSomeone created a Tumblr devoted to the stars’ best food scenes.
  12. TV Land
    Mini Top Chef Comes to Boston Next WeekMake like Padma and critique some food.
  13. TV Land
    Guy Fieri’s in Brookline TodayHe’s taping at Cutty’s.
  14. TV Land
    Will You Buy Terese Guidice’s Cookbook?The Real Housewife is coming to Boston.
  15. TV Land
    Boulud, Ducasse, and Savoy Take Los Angeles, Share a Bowl of Gummy BearsThe three French chefs are in town to shoot Masterchef and tweet a lot.
  16. TVLand
    Cocktail Guru Luke O’Neil Will Film a TV Pilot at SaloonStop in to the bar this evening for a chance to mug for the camera.
  17. TV Land
    Three 6 Mafia Warns L.A. That Lemon Basket May ReturnDJ Paul blames the parking, not the cockroaches, for the restaurant’s cancellation.
  18. TV Land
    Six Top Chef Challenges Designed for BostonThe producers are missing out!
  19. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Fabio Viviani, Richard Blais Among Chefs Returning for Life After TopAlso, Jen Carroll and Spike Mendelssohn will be on it too.
  20. TV Land
    Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible Makes Over Benicia’s
  21. Video Feed
    Watch Wolfgang Puck Out-Funny All the Guests on Late Night with JimmyThe chef is so on, Aziz Ansari even asks if he’s on ecstasy.
  22. TV Land
    PBS Will Debut Food Forward, a New Series Featuring David Kinch, ThisCheck out the five-minute extended trailer.
  23. TV Land
    L.A. Classics Play Big Roles in Mad MenTo achieve a vintage New York, the show has used spots like Cole’s and Casey’s as locations.
  24. Fever for Lefebvre
    Ludo and Bourdain Take Burgundy!The two cursing chefs are in Burgundy shooting an episode of No Reservations.
  25. TV Land
    Happy or Sad? What Did You Think of Barbara Lynch’s Appearance on TopBarbara Lynch gets put to work as a sous chef.
  26. TV Land
    The Beer Chicks Appearing Next Week on Cooking Channel’s Eat This, DrinkThe duo will not only drink and pair beer, but also plan sweet corn floats and sweet potato cocktails.
  27. TV Land
    Is Top Chef Really Coming to Boston?Sam Adams (the beer) is now involved.
  28. Mediavore
    Ramsay’s Missing Veggie Peeler Sparks Prison Panic; FDA Questions InhalableGordo’s team misplaces a utensil and Brixton Prison goes on lock-down.
  29. TV Land
    Michael Chiarello Shills a Little on The Price Is RightIt’s an all-Chiarello-themed showcase in the Showcase Showdown!
  30. TV Land
    Top Chef to Audition Bay Area Hopefuls in Three WeeksThere’s an open call on Feb. 27 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in SoMa.
  31. Mediavore
    Designer Ice Threatens Antarctic; Vigil Held For 22-Year-Old Killed by Police atIt may improve your cocktail at the expense of polar bears’ lifespan.
  32. Quote of the Day
    Still Sounds Better Than Kombucha’Fear Factor’ crosses a new line, then sort of uncrosses it.
  33. Mediavore
    Mitt Romney Eats at McDonald’s; Pink Pepper Shooting Victim NamedMitt shows he’s just a regular, everyday, average dude while hitting The Golden Arches.
  34. Tony Tony Tony
    Where Anthony Bourdain Ate in L.A. on The Layover Last NightThe outspoken chef heads to Koreatown, hangs with Ludo, and finds the rare local at The Hollywood Farmers market.
  35. Quote of the Day
    Ty-Lör Boring Jokes About Nude Pics’It’s probably more of a rite of a passage – you know as part of the application process for an apartment in Brooklyn. Hasn’t everyone done a naked photo or two for those?’
  36. Ballad of El Gordo
    Fremont Steakhouse Still Sad After Gordon Ramsay MakeoverThe ‘Mercury-News’ has weighed in, post-makeover, and the news isn’t good.
  37. TV Land
    You Know You Want To: Check, Please! Seeks Citizen Reviewers for New
  38. TV Land
    Where Andrew Zimmern Is Eating in L.A. This WeekWho needs live octopus tentacles in KTown when you’ve got face bacon, whelk, and veal brains in Hollywood?
  39. Tony! Tony! Tony!
    And Here’s the Entire S.F. Episode of Anthony Bourdain’s TheNot just the drunk clips this time!
  40. Video Feed
    Watch Anthony Bourdain Drink His Way Around San Francisco in 90 SecondsWatch as he passes out on a corner on Nob Hill.
  41. TV Land
    S.F. Episode of Bourdain’s New Show Airs MondayTony came to town last August, and we finally get to see the footage.
  42. TV Land
    The Bachelor to Swirl All Around the Bay and Wine Country This SeasonSonoma winemaker Ben Flajnik is the star this season, didn’t you know.
  43. TV Land
    Is This the Beginning of the End for Martha Stewart?With the announcement that her Hallmark Channel show is being canceled, it seems Martha’s stock is dipping deeper than ever before.
  44. Quote of the Day
    What Rattles Vic Casanova?The Culina chef admits his nerves were frayed from competing on television.
  45. TV Land
    The All Star Sandwich Team Might Get a TV ShowThe Food Network thinks they’re stars, too!
  46. TV Land
    Elizabeth Falkner Loses Next Iron ChefHopefully she’ll still have a sunny Christmas in California.
  47. TV Land
    Elizabeth Falkner Moves on to Finale of Next Iron ChefMeanwhile, her S.F. businesses have been struggling and she’s closing both of them.
  48. TV Land
    Wegmans: The Great Cultural Equalizer?Everybody loves Wegmans!
  49. TV Land
    Gordon Ramsay Invites You to Be Abused at Open Call for MasterChefThey’re casting for season three in S.F. this Saturday.
  50. Celebrity Settings
    Wahlburgers Gets the Bon App Treatment: Government Cheese Goes MainstreamSay cheese!
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