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  1. TV Land
    Wegmans: The Great Cultural Equalizer?Everybody loves Wegmans!
  2. TV Land
    Gordon Ramsay Invites You to Be Abused at Open Call for MasterChefThey’re casting for season three in S.F. this Saturday.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Wahlburgers Gets the Bon App Treatment: Government Cheese Goes MainstreamSay cheese!
  4. Kerfuffles
    Elizabeth Falkner and Anne Burrell Are in a Twitter FightBurrell accused Falkner of bad-mouthing her competitors after Burrell was eliminated from ‘Next Iron Chef.’
  5. TV Land
    Aida Mollenkamp Crafts Healthy Thanksgiving Menu for The Biggest LoserThe Cooking Channel star will make a network TV appearance with some low-cal T-give alternatives.
  6. TV Land
    Culina’s Victor Casanova Competing on Iron Chef AmericaWhile the restaurant is running a contest that will find the chef serving up the winning ingredient.
  7. TV Land
    Does This Mean He Won’t Appear on a Very Special Episode of The Simpsons?Michael Schlow has strong words of advice for TV chefs.
  8. TV Land
    Watch Aziza Chef Mourad Lahlou on Martha StewartHe schools her on couscous.
  9. TV Land
    Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken Inspire New ABC PilotWorking Together will follow two female chefs in the eighties as they try to make their name.
  10. Videofeed
    Watch The Staff at Burger Kitchen Start Beefing on Kitchen NightmaresThe chef and a manager threaten to trade blows, tonight on Kitchen Nightmares.
  11. TV Land
    Sacramento’s Boy Wonder, Tyler Stone, Eliminated First on Top Chef:They’ve called him the Doogie Howser of local chefs, but now the ‘Bee’ takes him down a peg.
  12. Quote of the Day
    Elizabeth Falkner: Punk Rock Pastry ChefThe season premiere of ‘Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs’ was on Sunday.
  13. TV Land
    Baron Ambrosia Headed to Cooking Channel This SundayThe ‘Bronx Flavor’ host’s national special will air this Sunday.
  14. The Feeding Tube
    Just a Tip: Check Out The Feeding TubeThis whole week on Grub Street has been devoted to food TV.
  15. TV Land
    Leslie Sbrocco Shows Us How to Saber a Champagne Bottle on Check,She makes it look damn easy! Also, this week’s full episode is now online.
  16. TV Land
    Watch a Chef Win Top Chef Just Desserts With a Chocolate Chip CookieSeason 1 winner Yigit Pura had picked him out as a favorite back in Episode 1.
  17. Casting Calls
    Now Casting: The Culinary BachelorPilgrim Studios wants to find a single chef, restaurateur, or “serious foodie” to participate in a new dating show.
  18. TV Land
    Mission Chinese Food Featured on The Martha Stewart Show [Updated]Martha does a segment with chef Danny Bowien about the “new Chinese cuisine.”
  19. Marketing Gimmicks
    McDonald’s Launching Its Own In-Restaurant TV ChannelOh, this is awful.
  20. TV Land
    Cosentino Takes Cooking Channel to Ferry BuildingAlso, the host makes General Tso’s Chicken with ketchup.
  21. Casting Calls
    Reality TV Courts L.A. Food BloggersWe have to wonder what challenges our kind would face on a reality game show…
  22. Casting Calls
    Masterchef 3 Holds Its First Open Casting in L.A.Home and amateur chefs are all invited to Cordon Bleu on Sunset Blvd.
  23. TV Land
    Suzanne Goin and David Lentz Star on He Cooks, She CooksThis one-off special will trail the couple as they prepare for a benefit for the Hollywood Farmers Market.
  24. Video Feed
    Check, Please!: Armchair Critics Throw Down Over Pork Store, Pizzaiolo,They all unanimously love Zarzuela.
  25. Mediavore
    Jerry Brown Frees Food Stamps From Finger Print Scans; The Five Best IPAsThe Governor eradicates some of the tougher requirements for food stamp users.
  26. TV Land
    Rejoice! Lemon Basket Gets Cancelled in West HollywoodThe only surprise is that it lasted five months.
  27. TV Land
    Watch Gordon Ramsay Try to Save Fremont’s Spin-a-Yarn SteakhouseThe brusque British chef did his best, but it still doesn’t look that great.
  28. Top Chef
    Janine Falvo, Formerly of Caneros Bistro, to Be on Top ChefFalvo recently relocated to Atlanta.
  29. TV Land
    Miru 8691’s Kobe Burger Hits Primetime TonightCrave host Troy Johnson picks the burger as his absolute favorite after exploring both coasts.
  30. Mediavore
    The Top Ten Asian Food Trucks; Can You Tame Sherman Oaks’ One-Pound Fire Brat?If you can finish Brats Brothers’ monster creation, you get your picture on the wall. Mom would be so proud!
  31. Mediavore
    Coffee Eases Depression in Women; Chicken Skin Has Its MomentOf course, if you eat at The Gorbals and ink.sack, you’d already know the pleasures of this newly trendy ingredient.
  32. TV Land
    Gordon Ramsay to Humiliate, Browbeat Motel Owners, Too’Hotel Hell’ will take on troubled hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts … and they’re currently casting in California.
  33. TV Land
    Gordon Ramsay Is Coming! To Fremont!Yes, you might even get to be on TV too.
  34. Mediavore
    President Obama Headed to Fig & Olive This Evening; Grocery Strike Averted AfterThe Commander-in-Chief will tap supporters at two different L.A. restaurants tonight.
  35. TV Land
    Sacramento Chef Tyler Stone to Be on Top Chef: TexasThe personal chef consulted on the menu at Ma’Velous in S.F.
  36. Video Feed
    Laurent Quenioux to Compete on Top Chef: TexasAt 51, the Frenchman might be the oldest cheftestant ever, but can still probably teach the young chefs some new tricks.
  37. Truckin'
    Workaholics and Elder Scrolls Get Their Own Food Trucks TooThe new model appears to be hiring a catering truck and adding product placements to the names of normal food items.
  38. TV Land
    Michael Chiarello and Elizabeth Falkner to Compete on Next Iron ChefThey’ll be part of the fourth season, dubbed “battle of the super chefs.”
  39. TV Land
    Where to Eat Like Larry DavidL.A. restaurants, both real and pretend, figure prominently in the series.
  40. Mediavore
    Fast Food Restaurants Struggle for Food Stamps; Beekeepers Vital to SpeciesRestaurants like Taco Bell and KFC are lobbying to be able to accept food stamps. Good luck.
  41. TV Land
    A Sizzling Reality Show for Wahlburgers?The Wahlberg siblings might document their foray into burger-slinging.
  42. Beef
    Johnny Iuzzini Calls L.A. ‘Fake,’ But He Still Likes the FoodThe ‘Top Chef Just Desserts’ host thinks the city has one of the best food scenes in the U.S.
  43. Personalities
    Hurricane Be Damned, Giada’s Coming to Town!Visit her in the North End, or make her food in the safety of your own home.
  44. TV Land
    Yigit Pura Is Already Picking Favorites on Top Chef: Just DessertsS.F.’s most eligible pastry chef is doing his duty for Bravo.
  45. Personalities
    Is Lydia Shire Getting Recipe Tips from Andrew Zimmern?The duo mingles at O Ya.
  46. Fever for Lefebvre
    LudoBites Adding Even More Foie Gras to the Menu Tonight To Celebrate FinalBetween animal rights activists, a reluctant owner, and a drinking game, tonight’s final episode could get messy!
  47. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jenna Bush Walk Into a Garden …Jake lends Alice a celebrity hand in promoting the Edible Schoolyard on the ‘Today’ show.
  48. Personalities
    Where Should Bizarre Foods’ Andrew Zimmern Eat?He’s filming in Boston.
  49. TV Land
    Chris Cosentino: The Week In PressWe’ve kidded him for being overexposed, but he was everywhere this week!
  50. Mediavore
    Extreme Couponers Running Amok; Wal-Mart Donates $100,000 to Cart For a CauseThe TLC show has created a fever for clipping coupons, leaving some store shelves ravaged.
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