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  1. trade wars
    Trump Administration Slaps 25 Percent Tariffs on European Foods and BoozeIncluding Italian cheeses and French wines.
  2. sad!
    Donald Trump Forced Another College Team to Eat Big Macs at the White HouseThis time to “celebrate” the North Dakota State University Bisons.
  3. food fight
    Trump Trade War Spoiling Export Market for American Cheese MakersAmerican companies are facing new tariffs, while the European Union signs deal to cut tariffs and increase protections on European cheese.
  4. trump
    Trump Announces He’s Ready to Eat Overcooked Steak in D.C.’s ‘Great Restaurants’Attention, chefs: It’s time to start working on recipes for overcooked steak.
  5. this is gross
    Trump Hotel in Florida Shamelessly Uses Hurricane Irma to Advertise RestaurantWhat do those millions of displaced people need? Creamed spinach.
  6. lawsuits
    A D.C. Restaurant Is Suing Trump Over Unfair CompetitionOne of its attorneys tells the Washingtonian that he’s clearly using the office to gain an advantage over local businesses.
  7. food rules
    Why You Should Never Order Steak Well DoneAnd please don’t put ketchup on it!
  8. taking a stand
    How New York’s Restaurants Are Supporting the ‘Day Without Immigrants’Restaurants like Blue Ribbon, Frankie’s, and more are closed in a show of strength for the city’s immigrant communities.
  9. muslim ban
    New York’s Yemeni Bodega Owners Will Strike in Response To Trump’s Muslim BanThere will also be a rally at the Brooklyn Borough Hall.
  10. food politics
    Starbucks Promises to Hire 10,000 Refugees in Response to Trump’s Muslim BanThe company also says it will donate 4 million trees to Mexican coffee farmers.
  11. food politics
    Trump’s Secretary of Labor Pick Called Fast-Food Workers ‘the Best of the Worst’A long-time employee said he’s “not the person to protect American workers’ rights.”
  12. the state of the industry
    How the Restaurant Industry Is Preparing for the Trump EraWhy workers fear the new administration and the ways in which they’re already responding.
  13. seriously?
    Anti-Gay Protesters Are Picketing Outside Comet Ping Pong in Washington D.C.It was at the center of the bizarre Pizzagate hoax.
  14. inauguration day
    Trump’s Inaugural Lunch Menu Includes Lobster and Cheap ChampagneIt’s all very 1980s.
  15. lawsuits
    José Andrés’s Lawyers Deposed Donald Trump for 90 Whole MinutesThe judge had given them up to seven hours.
  16. harassment
    Nightclub Recieves Threats After Refusing to Host Alt-Right Inauguration PartyThe venue turned them away after finding out the nature of the party.
  17. the future
    Trump Supporter ‘Warns’ of Amazing Future With ‘Taco Trucks on Every Corner’Now that would make America great.
  18. The Other Critics
    Restaurant Critic Resigns Over Newspaper’s Trump EndorsementJoshua David Stein has left the New York Observer.
  19. Quote of the Day
    The Deli Meat That Tastes Like Donald TrumpIt’s a metaphor!
  20. Stripper Dust
    Scores and Trump Taj Mahal Are Finally in Bed TogetherTrump plus Scores plus Atlantic City equals …
  21. Mediavore
    Shootout at PEP Bowling Alley Leaves One Man Hospitalized; Celebrity RestaurantsPlus re-branding efforts at Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget have erased all traces of Trump; and it’s illegal in Iowa to make your own bitters, all in our morning news roundup.