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Truffle Scuffle

  1. Truffle Scuffle
    How to Serve a $4,100 Truffle, Courtesy of Barclay PrimeChef James LoCascio reveals his plans for his 1.1 pound perfumed prize
  2. Truffle Scuffle
    Update: Philly’s Barclay Prime Outbids Restaurants for 1.1 Pound White Truffle*Philly lost the World Series, but it won the truffle war
  3. Truffle Scuffle
    Truffle ShuffleThe two-and-a-half-pound truffle that couldn’t find love in New York took its business elsewhere.
  4. Truffle Scuffle
    Truffle Kerfuffle: No Takers on 2.5 Pound SpecimenRestaurant Daniel would only offer $7,000!
  5. Truffle Scuffle
    Buy It Now: ‘The Largest White Truffle to Land in the USA in the Last 3Yes, this beast is bigger than the $7,000 Le Cirque truffle.