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    Monarch, a New Nightclub, Getting Set to Open on SixthThey’re shooting for ‘Victorian-meets-steampunk’.
  2. Bars
    The Room on Sixth Street to Be Taken Over By Triple Crown GuysThe new lounge doesn’t yet have a name.
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    Hispanics Bringing Good Food to the Hamptons; Ditmas Park Getting a New Bar andThe best lemony cocktails and another restaurant ice cream cart, in today’s neighborhood food news.
  4. NewsFeed
    CB Smiles on Triple Crown, Approves Balthazar Barkeep’s BistroLindsey Robertson, wife of Triple Crown owner Myles Tipley, tells us that after a lot of wrestling with the community board, the hip-hop bar’s liquor license has been approved for transfer to Jeff Webber, who Robertson says is a bartender at Balthazar planning to open a lounge/wine bar/café. You’ll recall the diminutive space was at one point going to be sold to gym owner Mike Jaramillo, who’s opening Viñas on December 7. Related: Neighbors Block Sale of Williamsburg Hip-Hop Bar to Balthazar Bartender Openings & Buzz: Viñas, Le Lupanar, and Gottino
  5. NewsFeed
    Neighbors Block Sale of Williamsburg Hip-Hop Bar to Balthazar BartenderWe’ve heard plenty about bars being shot down by the community when they try to open, but what about when they’re trying to close? Lindsey Caldwell sent us a desperate e-mail on behalf of her husband Myles Tipley, a co-owner of the artsy Williamsburg hip-hop bar Triple Crown, saying that “the community board refuses to allow [the owners] to sell the place.” The bar has been closed for eight months (with events here and there) after the burden of addressing noise complaints proved too much. But in the meantime, rent and bills have cost the owners $135,000, plus an average of about $7,000 per week in lost revenue, Caldwell says.