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  1. Funnies
    At Oakland’s Homeroom, Don’t Mind the Table NumbersHint: They’re all table 8.
  2. Trimmings
    Water Grill Unveils Its New LogoThe new design adds a touch of irreverence to the restaurant’s oft-intimidating reputation.
  3. Puck Plans
    Barbara Lazaroff Shreds Spago’s Plastic Surgery Plans“I thought it was an episode of Ashton Kuchner’s Punk’d [sic] … it was an Episode of Pucked .. Ugly is Ugly.”
  4. Trimmings
    Take a Look at Mosto’s Canning-Jar-Covered Ceiling500 or so will eventually be filled with little personal objects from staff and investors.
  5. Trimmings
    Sunny Spot Signage Goes Up in VeniceIt also appears Beechwood’s ugly concrete barrier is being breached.
  6. Trimmings
    Figaro Owners Restoring Schaber’s Cafeteria Space to Open Figaro BistroThe famous cafeteria, all but ruined in the 1992 riots, aims to become an enchanting new French restaurant.
  7. Video Feed
    Watch the Creation of the Dolores Park Mural, to Be Unveiled Soon at theSee a time-lapse of Paul Madonna’s wall-size mural, coming soon at Tacolicious’s Valencia location.
  8. Front of House
    Plum Kills the Communal TablesThere are now more options for two-tops.
  9. Trimmings
    At Parallel 37, There Will Be Plaid… Including plaid-embossed leather seating.
  10. Temporary Closings
    Approaching Thirty, Spago Will Close Next Summer for a FaceliftThe restaurant will shutter for six to eight weeks while Waldo Fernandez has his way with it.
  11. Previews
    Dining Room at the Ritz to Become the More Casual Parallel 37The concept is high-quality but less fancy, without dishes that “take five minutes to plate.”
  12. Openings
    Super Duper Swings Open Today in the MarinaAnd they’re open ‘til 3 a.m. on weekends!
  13. Reopenings
    The Library and Lobby Bars to Reopen at the W on FridayThey’re two weeks ahead of schedule.
  14. Trimmings
    Sofra Kebab Express Gets a Face-LiftThe real stunner is inside, where a mural of Joe Camel smoking a hookah is bizarre-yet-captivating.
  15. Back of the House
    Saison Chefs Get New Outfits, Courtesy of Levi’sTheir new chef’s jackets are based on a vintage French one that a Levi’s designer found at the flea market.
  16. Temporary Closings
    Bar Tartine Closed This Week for Renovation; Adjacent Sandwich Shop Expected inThe name may still change, but that’s TBD.
  17. Mediavore
    Garage Pizza Driver Shot; Toilets Make Ideal Beer CoolersPolice are searching for a gunman who shot David Vasquez while he was leaving his delivery job in Silver Lake.
  18. Trimmings
    Birra Gets Ready For Its Close-UpHopefully this a sign of Birra’s imminent opening.
  19. Bars
    Zeitgeist Upgrades to Bathrooms, Jettisons Porta-Potties
  20. Trimmings
    Xilantro Quiets Down Its Dining RoomThe noise level bordered on unbearable.
  21. Trimmings
    Tsujita Almost Ready to Wreck L.A.’s Ramen StandingsA ceiling involves 25,000 wooden sticks in homage to Japan’s Izumo-Taishi shrine.
  22. Trimmings
    A Double Fail(e) Strikes GjelinaAfter the restaurant covers its pretty new take-out spot in street art, a street crime goes down.
  23. Trimmings
    Louis’ Restaurant, Due to Reopen in Late July, Is Going to Be SuperAlso, they’re going to be very green.
  24. Trimmings
    Clifton’s Cafeteria: Now With Real Butter?Andrew Meieran is teaching the time-honored landmark how to cook with real food and natural product again.
  25. Empire Building
    Kitchen 24 WeHo Reveals Itself; Morrison Room Staying PrivateAdam Newton’s cloning his first L.A. restaurant, while keeping his bar out of the public’s reach.
  26. Trimmings
    El Sazon Oaxaquena Gets a New LookUnfortunately, it’s sort of close to what Sazon Latin Fusion’s logo looks like.
  27. Trimmings
    Il Piccolo Bufalo Keeps It Classy With Michelangelo’s DavidA big improvement over that giant dog that was hanging over the door.
  28. Trimmings
    Elf Cafe Feels the Pressure From Giant New NeighborThe long under-the-radar cafe feels forved to put up signage of its own. Is this a symbol of changes to come?
  29. Trimmings
    CoolHaus Store Intergrates CoolHaus TruckThe design of the store finds a city scene on the wall and ice cream served from the shell of a truck.
  30. Trimmings
    An Early Look at Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-AirThe space looks like WP24, but with light winning over darkness this time.
  31. Trimmings
    Behold the New Lounge at Bar TartineThe spillover area is just the beginning of a remodel that will continue through the fall.
  32. Tourist Bait
    Cha Cha’s Has Really Outdone Itself With This Teddy-Bear-Stuffing MachineThe Little Italy eatery has always been quirky. But this?
  33. Trimmings
    Pollo A La Brasa Braces For A Big MoveThe menu won’t change and hopefully neither will the recipes.
  34. Trimmings
    Intimacy Be Damned, Cafe Stella Hopes to ExpandBut the good news is there could be booze!
  35. Openings
    First Look Inside Locanda, Now OpenSee a slideshow of the new restaurant from the Delfina team in the former Ramblas space.
  36. Pre-Previews
    Take a Sneak Peek Inside Bluestem Brasserie, and Their New Sweeping StaircaseThe things weighs 4,000 lbs., and got installed yesterday.
  37. Trimmings
    Step Inside the Newly Spiffed Up ParagonSee the fresh redesign, which leaves the ballpark-adjacent eatery looking a lot more urban.
  38. Openings
    First Look Inside Pe Yale, the New Cow Hollow Wine BarIt’s dark, but inviting.
  39. Coffee Talk
    Behold, Modern Coffee’s Coffee ContainerThis new container-based coffee bar will open on 13th Street in Oakland in September.
  40. Trimmings
    New York’s Adam Newton To Deal In Sunset Strip NostalgiaUpstairs the Kitchen 24 owner plans a tribute to Jim Morrison in one of the singer’s old apartments.
  41. Trimmings
    Manresa’s Renovation, Complete With Cocktail Bar, Due in JuneThe restaurant remains open throughout the renovation, which will include a new cocktail lounge.
  42. Trimmings
    What in the World Is This Thing Outside of Kenka Now?It’s the trippiest thing we’ve seen on St. Marks since the hallucinogenic pimp cup.
  43. Mediavore
    Chinese Eatery Owners Rally For Shark Fin; Bring on The SnickersLocal owners band together at Alhambra’s Gourmet Island to stand up for a so-called delicacy that is coming under fire.
  44. Openings
    Take a Look Inside Nojo, the New Hayes Valley Izakaya, Opening TonightSee our slideshow of Gregory Dunmore’s new Japanese place on Franklin.
  45. Slideshow
    Step Inside Tyler Florence’s El Paseo, Now Open in Mill ValleySee our full slideshow of the interior, and some of the food.
  46. Trimmings
    Dumping Vernon’s Mayor While Keeping His RestaurantChange what you will about scandal-plagued Vernon, just don’t go messing with its oldest restaurant.
  47. Trimmings
    Coney Doesn’t Have a Cow, ManThe beer-dispensing “Inexhaustible Cow.”
  48. Previews
    More Updates on Locanda, Including a Preview Event, and Q-Bert TileThey’re doing another cocktail preview on Sunday at Blackbird.
  49. Trimmings
    Coffee Bean Starts Loungin’ in Beverly HillsThe store’s new look makes it fit a bit better on Rodeo Drive, but why all the hoopla?
  50. Trimmings
    Bambuddha Replacement Gets a Name: Chambers Eat + DrinkTake a look inside, via some renderings.
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