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  1. Celebrity Settings
    Josh Charles and Tom Colicchio Cook and Drink Corzo Together; Ed Westwick KeepsPlus: D.J. Pauly D fist-pumps at Greenhouse, ‘The Chew’ bowls at Lucky Strike Lanes, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  2. Personalities
    Jesse Camp Goes Pee Pee Off the Boom Boom Room’s RoofPlus, an early look into the Standard Hotel’s new club.
  3. Soho/Tribeca Grand’s Herb Wilson Now Dating, Not Just Feeding, CelebsHerb Wilson was spotted smooching Star Jones at the U.S. Open yesterday.
  4. NewsFeed
    Herb Wilson Takes Charge at the Soho and Tribeca GrandThere isn’t much Herb Wilson, the newly appointed executive chef at both the Tribeca Grand and the Soho Grand, hasn’t seen over the years. He’s cooked at good restaurants and mediocre restaurants, been praised (as the chef of Jack’s Fifth, for example), been obscure (a five-year run at Wall Street watering hole Bull Run), toiled in small kitchens, and overseen platoons. But he’s not well known outside the business. Gael Greene once called him, admiringly, a “skilled journeyman.” Now he’s come into the biggest job of his career, a happy ending if ever there was one, and it’s hard not to feel happy for the guy. Classically trained in France by the legendary Troisgros brothers and a protégé of the late Patrick Clark (and like him one of the few African-Americans chefs in town), Wilson makes up in experience what he lacks in star power. He accomplished the very difficult feat of getting two stars at three different restaurants, from three different Times reviewers at Le Refuge, Bambou, and most recently Jack’s Fifth. And he’s one of the few working New York chefs to have been steadily employed here for over twenty years. Which, as far as we’re concerned, is reason enough to like him. Wilson’s first full menus at both hotels won’t appear until spring, he tells us. But having just started at his new post, he feels prepared to take over the restaurants, banquets, and room-service programs too. Why not? “It’s all cooking,” Wilson says confidently. “It’s what I do. I’ve been doing this a long time.”
  5. NewsFeed
    Waverly Inn Chef John DeLucie to Publish Tell-AllFrom toque to bard.Photo: Patrick McMullan We’ve always thought that what happens at the Waverly Inn stays at the Waverly Inn, but that may change, given this recent deal announcement on Publishers Marketplace: Chef at New York’s The Waverly Inn John DeLucie’s THE HUNGER, a la Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, [sold] to Dan Halpern and Emily Takoudes at Ecco, for publication in Spring 2009, by Rebecca Oliver and Richard Abate at Endeavor (NA).
  6. Restroom Report
    Gearing Up for the Film Festival at Tribeca Grand’s Church Lounge Whether you’re going to the Tribeca Grand for its brunch (as of last week, the place screens movies for kids so you can get them out of your hair while gulping Bellinis), for top-notch D.J.’s like Riton and Trevor Jackson, or for the bevy of Tribeca Film Festival after-parties that’ll be there next week, you’ll want to know about the restrooms. The spacious facilities under the Church Lounge may not have LCD screens like those inside the hotel’s rooms, but as our investigation reveals, they’re still some of the swankiest in the city.