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  1. Trends
    Food Served in Jars … DiscussPastry chef Emily Luchetti, for one, hates desserts in jars.
  2. Other Cities
    Regarding the Post-9/11 Dining Era
  3. Booze News
    Barrel-Aging, the Trend, Is Aging WellWe’re not sick of barrel-aged cocktails yet, especially with cool techniques like “solera” to talk about.
  4. Trends
    Chefs Are Giving Pig Skin the High-End TreatmentFrom Boston to S.F., the football-making material is trending on menus.
  5. Beer Me
    Brits Are Drinking More American BeerThe more flavorful American brews are taking hold against blander lagers.
  6. Trends
    Deviled Eggs Are Going Modern
  7. Trends
    Hot Sauce and Panko Takes Chicken and Waffle Trend to Whole New LevelThe Richmond District’s brand new Hot Sauce and Panko takes the chicken and waffle trend one step further with its Wings and Waffle combo.
  8. Other Magazines
    Today’s Tech Entrepreneurs: Modern Day Patrons of the Food Arts?7x7 makes the case, others argue against.
  9. Trends
    Aspic Coming Back Into Fashion? You Don’t Say.Tomato aspic? Yep, it’s coming back.
  10. Trends
    Regarding All These iPads and Screens in RestaurantsBauer is none too pleased with the Blackberry-like ordering tablets the waiters have their eyes glued to at Bluestem Brasserie.
  11. Rumors
    Is Sun & Moon Cafe Turning Into Another South Bay Gastro-Pub?Now that Neal Fraser and David Lefevre are here, it will be interesting to see if any new nearby project can hold its own.
  12. Trends
    Can Chefs Create Their Own Authenticity?A lot of chefs, working in cuisines from their parents’ homelands, are doing stuff that can’t be called fusion and it can’t be called ‘inauthentic’ either.
  13. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Michael Bauer Cares Not For Stacking Things On Top of ThingsThe trend of vertical cuisine is over, folks.
  14. Trends,
    It’s Not the Best Time for ‘Curated,’ ‘Composed,’“Sourced,” you’ll recall, has also been placed on notice.
  15. Trends
    Bon App Says California’s German-Food Boom is a Nationwide ThingAt least in S.F. and L.A. there’s been a boom this year of German, Austrian, Czech, and Hungarian restaurants.
  16. Coming Soon
    Wirtshaus to Debut Its Biergarten on LaBrea in Late JulyThe new German place promises it won’t be like all the rest of them.
  17. Truckin’
    Mini Yums Puts Tiny Dessert and Crack Comparison Trends into OverdriveReally guys, you may want to clarify that “crack” is a dessert in this case, before telling your Twitter followers where to get some.
  18. Trends
    Chuck Nevius Once Again Shocked That People Live, Eat in the TenderloinHe can’t believe how nice Jones is!
  19. Mediavore
    David Chang Flies First Class; Killer E-Coli Moves to FranceThe chef also wants to apologize for spilling his wine on another passenger while high.
  20. Trends
    F&W Puts Out the Call For ‘Pieku’The most overblown foodie trend ever scores ink in ‘F&W’ with a poetic twist.
  21. Mediavore
    Global Ocean Life Threatened With Extinction; IHOP Looks to The Middle EastA new study finds the ocean in much worse condition than previously predicted.
  22. Mediavore
    It’s Not About the Money or the Honey For Urban Beekeepers; Midday FormalPlus: E. coli’s top culprits identified; and humanely raised animals are unlikely to harbor E. coli and salmonella, all in our morning news roundup.
  23. Trends
    Don’t You Worry, Breastaurants Are Keeping It ClassyPlus, how do you pay tribute to a groom who met his wife at Hooters?
  24. Mediavore
    Coffee Prices Rising; Is The Dirt Diet Coming Our Way?We’re crossing our fingers that geophagy, the practice of eating dirt, doesn’t catch on through trend or necessity.
  25. Trends
    Lydia Shire’s True Love Is Cotton Candy (But She Might Have A Rival for ItsNot just a puff piece: Cotton candy is a thing now.
  26. Trends
    Mark Bittman Has Seen the Future of Cafeteria Food — and It’s BrightInstitutional food goes upscale.
  27. Trends
    America’s Colleges Are Educating a Nation of Food SnobsToday’s college students want foie gras, not fro-yo.
  28. Trends
    Doughnuts Will Fill the Post-Cupcake VoidWhile pie may not be catching on as predicted, the time seems right for doughnuts.
  29. Nonstaurants
    Berkeley’s Got Pop-Ups Too, You Guys
  30. Trends
    Rick Nichols Comes Out of Retirement to Tell Us He Feels Farm-to-Table FatigueIn what we hope is the first of many freelance pieces for the Inquirer, Nichols calls the hackneyed concept “tiresome.”
  31. Trends
    Do Even Bleary-Eyed Drunkards Deserve to Eat Well?Boston chefs say yes.
  32. Trends
    NYT: Kids These Days Choose Egg Rolls Over EcstasyAnd did you hear?! Twentysomethings aren’t doing drugs anymore! They’re just eating street food!
  33. Interviews
    Gary Danko Says Molecular Gastronomy’s Going to Go the Way of Kiwi on Meat“What happens with any sort of trend is after time passes, only 5% withstands the test of time.”
  34. Trends
    Maybe Pie Won’t Eclipse Cupcakes After AllWhile cupcake trucks are a plenty on the streets, we’ve yet to spot a pie truck.
  35. Trends
    Tony Maws Is A True TrendsetterCraigie on Main gets an in-flight nod.
  36. Trends
    San Francisco, Birthplace of the Wine Bar, Sees a Wave of New-Concept Wine BarsBarrique, Heart, and Vinyl are all changing up the genre.
  37. Trends
    Transplanted East Coasters Slinging Strombolis, Italian Heros, and More in theTrend alert!
  38. Nonstaurants
    Two New Pop-Ups to Watch: Wise Sons Deli, and Rice Paper ScissorsRice Paper Scissors reappears, somewhere, on Thursday, March 31.
  39. Oeno-File
    The Oeno-File: We Don’t Want Food; Stink Bugs in the Finger LakesAlso, there are 189 wineries in Texas now?
  40. Pre-Previews
    Jazz at Pearl’s Spot to Become What It Was Long Ago: Greek TavernaYears after it closed in that very spot, the Greek restaurant from Peter Haramis looks to be rising from the dead.
  41. Trends
    Yak: Coming Soon to Tables Near You?Yes, yak might just be the next must-try meat.
  42. Trends
    The Dirt on Edible DirtThe trend is hardly new (and the dish that spawned it dates back to the late 70s in France), but the edible dirt thing is everywhere now.
  43. Mediavore
    Rising Food Costs Leading to Poverty; Man Shot Last Night at Palms Wendy’s44 million people have gone into poverty due to rising food costs, says The World Bank.
  44. Mediavore
    Japanese Food Exports Tested for Radiation; Can A Restricted Diet Treat ADHD?In other news, it’s pi day, so pull out your protractor when devouring your next cobbler.
  45. Trends
    We’re, Like, Totally Getting Farmed OutFarm fetishism is reaching a fever pitch.
  46. Burgers
    Stunt Burgers: Now a Thing, at Least in New YorkOne joint has a $42 2.4-pounder.
  47. Trends
    Stunt Burgers: Not Just a Burger King Thing!You can find them at M. Wells, Rockography, and Crisp as well! Plus: What’s NYC’s best?
  48. Trends
    Loving and Hating the LocavoresThe locavore backlash, plus P&H Soda and the Red Hook Winery.
  49. Mediavore
    Charlie Sheen Is Just Chill’s Dream Shill; Frat Bros. Go GourmetA relaxation soda thinks Charlie Sheen could use a belt of their good stuff.
  50. Trends
    Someone Stop This Crazy Thing: Now Food Trucks Have Their Own Deals Site TooStreet food isn’t even supposed to cost that much to begin with, right?
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