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Tremont 647

  1. Time Machines
    The HuffPo Boards a Time Machine to the South End!Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage.
  2. Fetes
    Eat Your Momos at Tremont 647The South End restaurant turns 15 in style.
  3. Tattoos
    For Chefs, Tattoos Are The New Bacon … Except More PermanentWhat ever happened to plain old knife wounds?
  4. Tattoos
    Andy Husbands Wants Your Body (Art) for His RestaurantAndy Husbands would like a photo of your body art, please.
  5. Chef Tempers
    Customer Gets The Boot at Tremont 647Dinner service got heated at Andy Husbands’ South End place.
  6. Neighborhood Watch
    JP Licks Launches Giraffe-Themed Ice Cream; Chefs Grill at Tremont 647Plus: cheap prime rib at Fleming’s and beer dinners galore, all in our weekly neighborhood dining roundup.
  7. Foodievents
    What to Eat at Operation FrontlineThe stars are coming out for the annual hunger benefit.
  8. Foodievents
    Test Your Momo Mettle at Tremont 647The restaurant will celebrate its thirteenth anniversary with a big bash.
  9. Funnies
    What to Wear WhereThink Lela Rose for Toro, and Christian Siriano at Cafeteria.
  10. TV Land
    Andy Husbands: No RegretsThe Tremont 647 chef dishes on his time on Hell’s Kitchen and his future plans.
  11. TV Land
    Hell’s Kitchen: Andy’s Last StandThe Tremont 647 chef was finally told to hand in his jacket.
  12. TV Land
    Hell’s Kitchen: Andy, the ‘Epicurious Mamajama’Against all odds, the Tremont 647 chef remains in the game.
  13. TV Land
    Hell’s Kitchen: A Triumph for AndyThe Tremont 647 chef escaped elimination again!
  14. TV Land
    Hell’s Kitchen: Andy’s Lucky BreakAndy Husbands is sure lucky Gordon Ramsay hated Jim so much.
  15. TV Land
    Hell’s Kitchen: Andy’s Back on TrackThe Tremont 647 chef had a successful episode.
  16. TV Land
    Hell’s Kitchen: Andy’s Still in the GameThe Tremont 647 chef is battered, but still standing.
  17. TV Land
    Andy Husbands’ Signature DishGordon Ramsay didn’t like the Tremont 647 chef’s pork.
  18. TV Land
    Hell’s Kitchen: Andy Faces RamsayWhat you missed on last night’s season premiere.
  19. TV Land
    Hell’s Kitchen Airs TonightDon’t forget to watch Andy Husbands’ debut at 8 p.m. tonight.
  20. TV Land
    Andy Husbands: ‘Hell’s Kitchen Seemed Fun’The Tremont 647 chef on sparring with Gordon Ramsay.