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Travis Lorton

  1. Chef Shuffles
    Exec Chef Greg Hozinsky Jumps Aboard at Strand HouseThe toque plans on a guest-chef series in collaboration with Neal Fraser.
  2. Menus
    First Look at Neal Fraser and Travis Lorton’s Menu at The Strand HouseImagination meets farm-sourcing in this latest step-up for The South Bay.
  3. Openings
    The Strand House Opening in Mid-August with Spit-Roasted Meats and Cube-ShapedTop Chef: Just Desserts vet Seth Caro is adding his sweet touch to the already heavyweight team.
  4. Coming Soon
    The Strand House To Open Soon in Manhattan BeachAnd it already looks much better than Beaches.
  5. Coming Soon
    The Strand House to Sow Seeds of Change in The South BayA sudden rush of well-regarded chefs to the area includes Neal Fraser’s next project.
  6. Coming Soon
    Neal Fraser and Gjelina’s Travis Lorton To Open a Restaurant in Manhattan BeachOn the heels of Manhattan Beach Post news, L.A.’s foodiest attentions might be drawn down south this summer.