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  1. Virgin’s New Cruise Line Is a Foodie’s DreamHandmade pasta, Korean BBQ, and a test kitchen are redefining “cruise food.”
  2. dispatches
    Haiti’s Complex HumanityIt’s easy, as Trump has done, to call a poor place a sh*thole. It’s another to understand how a country becomes so impoverished.
  3. on the road
    Inside the Havana Gin Bar That Specializes in Quietly Revolutionary Cocktails“You have never had your cocktail the way I make it.”
  4. Travel
    Platt: How Paris Became the Perfect Antidote to New York Bloat‘New York’ Magazine’s restaurant critic on why both cities’ strengths and weaknesses dovetail, these days, in a complementary way.
  5. News You Can Booze
    Here’s Where Cool Parisians Take Their ApéroPart of the Cut’s “Paris in 30 Days.”
  6. Grub Guides
    Seeing Double: 21 New York Restaurants With Foreign DoppelgängersSaxon + Parole in Russia, Lupa in Hong Kong, and Café Habana in Dubai.
  7. Travel
    Stevo Dreams of SushiThe Hungry Hound’s Asian travels.
  8. Apps
    Businessmen Have Zero Excuses for Being Fat and BloatedThere are a million apps steering them to salad.
  9. Travel
    Fighting the Stomach Ache, a Million Miles AwayOh shit.
  10. Baller
    When It Comes to Travel, Daniel Boulud Wants a Rolls, a Pig Bladder, and aDB loves life.
  11. Injustices
    More Airline Snacks Bite the DustComplimentary snacks are a thing of the past.
  12. FYI
    Flying Today? Don’t Pack a Thermos!A new terrorist threat means you may as well leave it at home.
  13. The Other Critics
    Richman Lambastes Landmarc; Has Sietsema Lost His Mind?Robert Sietsema reviews what might be the most un-Sietsema-like place imaginable, a twee Williamsburg bistro called Juliette. “The snails in anise butter are fab, and so is the whole steamed artichoke flaunting a festive champagne vinaigrette.” Okay, call the FBI. The real Robert Sietsema has obviously been kidnapped. [VV] “Think too much and you’ll find the place hard to like”: Alan Richman sees the new Landmarc for what it is – a stark, expensive, underachieving restaurant with few niceties of service or cooking – but still manages to find something nice to say about the steaks. [Bloomberg] Related: Will Landmarc’s Downtown Cool Play Alongside Its Ritzy New Neighbors? [Grub Street] Frank Bruni had a high old time at Resto, so much so that he gave the place a shocking two stars. Expect all future reviews to react to this hyperbole by taking pains to note the place’s shortcomings.[NYT] Related: Brussels Sprout [NYM]
  14. Mediavore
    Jay-Z Now Has 100 Problems; Beef Prices Through the RoofJay-Z now has 100 problems: He’s being sued by the staff of the 40/40 Club for withholding tips and paying less than the minimum wage. [NYP] Beef prices are getting higher, and the supply of the best stuff getting shorter. Guess what that means for your next steakhouse bill. [NYT] There is a slew of new restaurants opening in the Hamptons, although none are what you would call world-shaking. [Newsday]