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Tracy Morgan

  1. dinner and a show
    Tracy Morgan Is Back to Testing New Comedy Material at RestaurantsHe was spotted doing an impromptu show at Old Homestead.
  2. Where's Tracy?
    Teriyaki and TunesTracy Morgan heads back to Benihana, and this time he sings.
  3. Dinner and a Show
    Tracy Morgan Really, Really Likes the New BenihanaGrub Street sits down with the comedian at his favorite restaurant to see what he thinks about a recent remodel.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    George Clooney Takes a Smooth Ride to Crustacean; Tracy Morgan Leaves his LimoGeorge Clooney squired his girlfriend to Crustacean on a motorcycle, while Tracy Morgan hit Wendy’s after the Emmy’s.
  5. Legal Sea Foods Goes (More) Upscale