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Total Hate

  1. Total Hate
    L.A. Chefs Confess: Valentine’s Day Dinner Is Hard To DoBaco Mercat’s chef and owner admits tonight’s famously about gouging diners.
  2. Total Hate
    Vinny Dotolo Not Tickled By Pink’sThe Animal chef would rather be at Dino’s, even if he doesn’t want to know where the chicken is sourced.
  3. Total Hate
    Umamicatessen’s Pastrami Pass Gets PulledThe fourteen-dollar sandwich gets rousted for not standing up to Langer’s.
  4. Total Hate
    District 13 Hates Valentine’s Day So Much, Lovers Pay MoreThey promise no lovey-dovey crap, but will throw you an extra wiener when you buy one.
  5. Total Hate
    SinoSoul is Sick of All This Shaved SnowEspecially when it comes topped with pink sundae sauce.