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  1. food fight
    French Butchers Want ‘Militant Vegans’ to Stop Attacking Their ShopsThey claim their businesses are being vandalized.
  2. pop-ups
    This Toronto Pop-up Only Has HIV-Positive Chefs in the KitchenIt’s boldly marketed as an attempt to “smash stigma around the disease.”
  3. funny receipts
    Customer Begs Restaurant Not to Judge After Buying 3 Orders of Mozzarella Sticks“I’m having a bad week and was so excited they were back on the menu.”
  4. sexism
    Mexican Restaurant Apologizes for Making ‘Grab Her by the Taco’ JokePeople were quick to point out women should never be grabbed by the anything.
  5. the grub street diet
    Wyatt Cenac May Have Invented Wonder Bread Doughnut Holes“If you see ‘Wonder Balls’ on the menu, that will be my greatest accomplishment.”
  6. The Grub Street Diet
    Chris Ying’s Grub Street Diet“The more I eat, the closer I get to death by cardiac arrest. But if I stop, am I even living?”
  7. Animal Style
    In-N-Out Burger’s Surprise Toronto Pop-up Instantly Draws Hundreds ofIt’s In-N-Out Burger’s first East Coast foray.
  8. Crossing the Streams
    Let Jonathan Waxman Tell You About the ‘Ghostbusters’ -InspiredThe celebrated chef has upcoming projects in New York, Nashville, and Toronto, where he’ll partner with director Ivan Reitman.
  9. Coming Soon
    Jonathan Waxman’s Toronto Restaurant Opens Next MonthAt 10,000 square feet, it’s farm-to-table with a really big table.
  10. Hot Dogs
    Why Was Rob Ford Hanging Out With a British Food Critic?The off-kilter Toronto mayor embraces his inner foodie.
  11. Expansions
    Jonathan Waxman Opening Restaurants in Nashville and TorontoBoth restaurants, like Barbuto, feature lots of multi-paned windows.
  12. Don’t Believe the Pipe
    Rob Ford Finally Gets His Own Tribute HamburgerCrack pepper burger, get it?
  13. The Grub Street Diet
    Actress Piper Perabo Rips Into Korean Fried Chicken, Can’t Resist Her“My friend and I don’t eat the buns at all. We just sit there and rip apart all the chicken.”
  14. Leftovers
    Brunch at the Musket Room; Milk Bar Opens in TorontoPlus: Mercadito’s summer tacos, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  15. Coming Soon
    David Chang on Momofuku Toronto: Opening July 28, Still Needs to Finalize the“Lucky Peach will be the first floor. Daisho is the third floor. Or the whole thing is Daisho? I don’t even know. I’m not trying to throw you off. It’s constantly changing.”
  16. Mediavore
    WWII Vets Denied Entrance at Puck Restaurant; Hell’s Angels Chapter Prez
  17. Beef
    Conant and the BarbariansIs Scott Conant talking back to critics again?
  18. The Other Critics
    Toronto Critic Finally Writes Back to Scott ConantA critic responds to Scott Conant’s “Open Letter to Toronto,” and it isn’t pretty.
  19. Empire Building
    Freshii Franchised To HollywoodThe Toronto-based chain appears to be The Counter of health food.
  20. Beef
    Conant Defends Himself to Canadians; Oceana Says It Isn’t Racist TowardToday in damage control.
  21. Mediavore
    L.A. Crazy for Whole Pigs; Should Guns Be Allowed in Starbucks?Butchering pork is trendy in SoCal and firearms issues are framed through a coffee chain.