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  1. Neighborhood Watch
    How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo the Chicago WayIt is your duty to watch out for bad Mexican food tonight.
  2. Thundersnow
    Working Hard for the Money: The Frontera “Valet” SnowmanThe Frontera crew didn’t waste any time yesterday.
  3. Chef Shuffles
    Brian Enyart Leaves TopolobampoTopolobampo loses its chef de cuisine.
  4. Vacations
    Restaurants Plan January VacationsA few of the city’s best restaurants will be taking vacations.
  5. Michelin
    Michelin Guide Released Early; Alinea and L2O Get Three StarsThe Chicago Michelin guide was released early.
  6. Lists
    Critics Predict Michelin WinnersCritics weigh in on who they think will get stars.
  7. Presidential Eats
    Obama Makes Surprise Visit at TopolobampoObama made a surprise visit to Topolobampo on Saturday.
  8. Lists
    Chicago Picks the Best Mexican Restaurants in the CityThe diverse list takes a look at Mexican food in Chicago.
  9. Presidential Eats
    President Obama Celebrates Birthday at Graham ElliotGraham Elliot was humbled by the President’s appearance.
  10. Back of the House
    Rick Bayless and Crew Go on VacationBayless is closing his restaurants to take his staff on an annual trip to Mexico.
  11. The Other Critics
    Culina’s Crudo Changes Brad A. Johnson; Gold Hits The Slaw Dogs/Red ONever a raw salmon fan, Angeleno’s critic shifts direction at Four Seasons, while Pasadena offers a hit-or-miss creative hot dog to L.A. Weekly
  12. Presidential Eats
    The White House State Dinner Menu Available Soon at TopolobampoHopefully it won’t take him three days to prepare this version.
  13. Foodievents
    Restaurant Week Is Upon Us, Again and Again and AgainThree Restaurant Weeks descend on Chicago, running from this week through mid-February.
  14. Sustainable Seafood
    Rick Bayless and Other Forward-Thinking Chefs Commit to Sustainable SeafoodNational chefs are noted for their pledge to sustainable seafood.
  15. Lists
    Alinea, Topolobampo Top Zagat’s 2010 Restaurant SurveyAlso placing high: Les Nomades, Tallgrass, Carlos’
  16. Tough Tables
    Supreme Court Rules On Topolobampo ReservationsRuth Bader Ginsburg’s granddaughter pulls some strings to get a birthday reservation.
  17. Top Chef
    What Does a Top Chef Masters Win Do for Business?The winner’s restaurant is currently booked till September 20.
  18. Marketing Gimmicks
    Rick Bayless’s Perfectly Timed Top Chef Masters VictoryDid Rick Bayless time Xoco’s opening to his “Top Chef Masters” victory?