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    And Now, 88 Seconds of Top Chef OuttakesPadma’s concerned about where her hair should part, Tom’s concerned about drinking his beer.
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    Paul Qui on Winning Top Chef, Dealing With Criticism, and His Final Haul“I think each of the seasons in the past, some challenges are cool, some of them are kind of whatever. I don’t think that this season was any ‘less’ than others.”
  3. Overnights
    Top Chef Finale Recap: We’re Gonna Jam Out With Our Clams OutWe’ve finally made it to the end!
  4. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: Getting Warmer …It’s the second-to-last episode! (Probably? Maybe? Hopefully, anyway.)
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    Top Chef Recap: Padma’ll Be Comin’ Round the MountainWe’re in the home stretch, but why are the chefs suddenly in Canada?
  6. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: There’s No Cryin’ in Fine Dinin’A previously eliminated chef comes back, and we lament the fact that this means the season will be even longer than it already is.
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    Top Chef Recap: Pee-wee! Pee-wee!Now that they’re bringing in fictional characters as judges, we hope the guy from ‘Oldboy’ gets to judge an octopus challenge.
  8. Top Chef
    Top Chef Texas Is Headed North for Its FinaleThere will probably be mounties, eh!
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    Top Chef Recap: Party in the ParkYou really think you can win ‘Top Chef’ with a chicken-salad sandwich, huh?
  10. Quote of the Day
    Ty-Lör Boring Jokes About Nude Pics’It’s probably more of a rite of a passage – you know as part of the application process for an apartment in Brooklyn. Hasn’t everyone done a naked photo or two for those?’
  11. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: Let’s Get WickedYour guests this week: Eric Ripert and… Charlize Theron?
  12. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: There’s Nothing Quite Like Restaurant WarsThey could really rename this show ‘Top Ego.’
  13. Naked Chefs
    Top Chef Contestant Ty-Lör Boring Is Naked, AgainWhose nude photos are on the Internet today? ‘Top Chef’ contestant Ty-Lör Boring’s, that’s whose.
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    Top Chef Recap: The PitsNine episodes in, we finally get a barbecue challenge!
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    Top Chef Recap: LaBelle of the BallThis week’s episode actually featured an interesting challenge for once.
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    Top Chef Recap: It’s Not Always the Best Chef Who Makes It to theThis week’s episode set a new record for fighting.
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    Top Chef Recap: I’m Gonna Need Someone to Look That Up on TheirTom thinks that maybe he picked the wrong finalists for this season.
  18. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: I Have a Spicy Personality“I don’t mosey in everyday life.”
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    Top Chef Recap: It Looks Like an Easter Basket Gone BadHere come the ‘Snakes on a Plane’ jokes. And a party!
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    Top Chef Recap: Too Many Cooks on the Kitchen SetApparently “biggest season ever” means we’ll be dragging everything out as long as possible.
  21. TV Land
    Sacramento’s Boy Wonder, Tyler Stone, Eliminated First on Top Chef:They’ve called him the Doogie Howser of local chefs, but now the ‘Bee’ takes him down a peg.
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    Top Chef Premiere Recap: Butchering the ButchersGiddy up, pardners.
  23. Top Chef
    Janine Falvo, Formerly of Caneros Bistro, to Be on Top ChefFalvo recently relocated to Atlanta.