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  1. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Losin’ It“I’m pretty sure I just watched one of the Two Hot Tamales almost call me an asshole on TV.”
  2. TV Land
    Meet Traci Des Jardins at This Week’s Viewing Party for Top ChefThis week’s episode challenges the chefs to cook healthy meals for ‘Biggest Loser’ contestants.
  3. Imports
    Curtis Stone Searching For An L.A. Restaurant SpaceThe Australian chef is ready to get back into the kitchen in between shoots.
  4. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Curveballs in the Kitchen“Traci’s thinking it all sounds a little too easy, at which point Curtis assures everyone that, yes, it sounds a little too easy.”
  5. TV Land
    Curtis Stone on His Guilty Pleasures, Plus a Top Chef MastersGrub Street’s own Alan Sytsma debuts on the show tonight!
  6. Foodievents
    Meet Jedi Chef Jonathan Waxman at A16Chef Waxman will be in town promoting his new book at a special dinner in his honor.
  7. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: ‘In That Kitchen Was Divas’Plus: The salty-scallop man returns.
  8. Quote of the Day
    How John Sedlar Really Feels About Top Chef MastersThe chef says his marketing for Playa suffered from the program’s shooting as well.
  9. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Extreme Makeover EditionDoes a top-to-bottom revamp make this show any better?
  10. Dish Demo
    Traci Des Jardins Shows Us How to Make Her Grandmother’s MeatballsA dish demo from the Feast.
  11. TV Land
    Does Ruth Reichl Think We’re Ruth Bourdain? Maybe. Probably Not.She suspects a fellow judge, but it’s not Grub Street’s Alan Sytsma.
  12. TV Land
    See Traci Des Jardins Represent at a Top Chef Masters Premiere Party atOur sole S.F. chef representative on ‘Top Chef Masters’ will be hosting a viewing party Wednesday.
  13. Interviews
    Ruth Reichl Hearts Curtis Stone — and Her New Job!And she says she’s almost finished with her novel!
  14. TV Land
    Top Chef Masters 3: Ruth Reichl and Christina Hendricks to Judge FloydDetails for the next season have been released.
  15. TV Land
    Curtis Stone Replaces Kelly Choi As Host of Top Chef MastersAnd the Aussie chef will appear in NBC’s upcoming reality series, ‘America’s Next Great Restaurant.’
  16. Quote of the Day
    Insert Your Own ‘Angel Hair’ Joke HereMichael White’s pasta makes Kelly Choi very happy.
  17. TV Land
    Boston Reality Cooking Shows A-Go-GoTiffani Faison rocks Top Chef Masters at Rocca.
  18. Top Chef
    Simmons Previews Top Chef; Waxman Defends Gael GreeneJonathan Waxman considers his Obi-Wan nickname “a little embarrassing.”
  19. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters: Kitchen’s ClosedSay hello to the new Top Chef Master.
  20. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters: And Then There Were ThreeA trio of chefs advances to the finale.
  21. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters: Odd Woman OutThe cheftestants have to get creative when they’re asked to create dishes representing Greek gods.
  22. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters: Parking-Lot Pizza’s No GoodThe six remaining chefs face off in a tailgating challenge.
  23. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters: Kitchen NightmaresIt’s gross-out week, with ugly plates and scary ingredients all around.
  24. Slideshow
    Tony Mantuano’s Top Chef Masters Viewing PartyTony Mantuano held a Top Chef Masters viewing party last night at Terzo Piano.
  25. Top Chef Masters
    Top Chef Masters: Brides RevisitedA picky bride and groom waste the Masters’ talents.
  26. Q&A
    Rick Bayless Dishes on the Top Chef Masters FinaleThe previous Top Chef Master winner talked about this year’s aggressive tone.
  27. Back of the House
    Jody Adams is No WimpIn the end, the Rialto toque was dared onto Top Chef Masters by her son.
  28. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters: All in the FamilyThe cheftestants make really fancy fruit plates and visit the set of ‘Modern Family.’
  29. Back of the House
    Jody Adams Has a Different Definition of ‘Simple’ Than YouYou know, just a basic, super-easy three-course dinner.
  30. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters Winner Revealed?The Feed thinks it knows who wins.
  31. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters: Return of the Jedi ChefThe chefs reinvent pub food, and the cast of ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ drop by for cocktails.
  32. Marketing Gimmicks
    Cook Like Marcus Samuelsson for $6,000Only 200 of these high-end stoves will be available.
  33. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters: Soul FingerThe cheftestants make fancy grilled-cheese sandwiches and then cater actor Mekhi Phifer’s birthday party.
  34. Video Feed
    Tony Mantuano Has No Time to Gloat on TodayMantuano promises not to set Hoda on fire.
  35. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters Premiere: First-Date JittersChefs shop at a gas station and cook for the Bravery.
  36. Top Chef
    Who You’ll See on Top Chef MastersMekhi Phifer and Hank Azaria will stop by the kitchen.
  37. Foodievents
    Watch Top Chef Masters With a Top Chef MasterTony Mantuano hosts a viewing party at Spiaggia next Wednesday.
  38. Food TV
    Watch Top Chef Masters PreviewThe new season premieres on April 7.
  39. The New York Diet
    Top Chef Masters Judge James Oseland Is Not Afraid to Mix His Breakfast“So much of the last four weeks was just about seeking comfort, largely through the food that I put into my mouth.”
  40. Openings
    Marcus Samuelsson Confirms Harlem Restaurant [Updated]Plus, the trailer for the upcoming season of ‘Top Chef Masters.’
  41. Top Chef
    Top Chef Masters Will Feature Marcus Samuelsson, Jody Adams, TonyPlus, is Samuelsson at work on a new project?
  42. TV Land
    Prepare to Meet Your MastersGael Greene has the inside track.
  43. TV Land
    Gail Simmons Will Host ‘Top Chef: Desserts,’ Return to ‘TopBravo announces its new lineup.
  44. TV Land
    At Last, Art Smith Lands a TV ShowOprah’s former personal chef will host TLC’s “Craving Comfort.”
  45. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Masters’ Feniger and Moonen Invade Pasadena Whole FoodsA Pasadena Whole Foods location feels overrun by the filming of Top Chef Masters.
  46. TV Land
    Top Chef Masters Will Be Back With Gail SimmonsPlus, a look at Food Network’s November lineup.
  47. Mark Peel
    Five Reasons Why Mark Peel is The Man of the MomentA new cookbook, restaurant, and bar, to start.
  48. Top Chef
    What Does a Top Chef Masters Win Do for Business?The winner’s restaurant is currently booked till September 20.
  49. Marketing Gimmicks
    Rick Bayless’s Perfectly Timed Top Chef Masters VictoryDid Rick Bayless time Xoco’s opening to his “Top Chef Masters” victory?
  50. Top Chef
    Padma Lakshmi Avoids Backseat HostingThe ‘Top Chef’ host doesn’t watch food shows, either.
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