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    Top Chef Finale Recap: It’s Just So SubjectiveThe season seven winner is crowned!
  2. Top Chef
    Top Chef Winner Revealed Hours EarlySpoiler time!
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    Top Chef Recap: Woking It OutThe first half of the finale had our chefs cooking Singapore street food and catering yet another party.
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    Top Chef: Too Many Space Metaphors, Not Enough MusselsThe chefs hang out with Buzz Aldrin as the finalists are chosen.
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    Top Chef Recap: Take Us Out of the Ball GameThe chefs have to cater a baseball game and, shockingly, arguments ensue.
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    Top Chef Recap: The Most Nightmarish Mystery-Box Challenge EverMystery ingredients galore and a trip to the CIA trip up the cheftestants.
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    Top Chef: Restaurant Wars!Everyone’s favorite challenge arrives, with Alex once again at the center of the drama.
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    Top Chef Recap: Around the World in 60 MinutesThis week the chefs had to do quite a bit of international cooking.
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    Top Chef Recap: Give Peas a ChanceDid Alex make a power play during ‘Power Lunch’ and steal Ed’s pea purée?
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    Top Chef Recap: Duck Nuts and Boat RidesHow would you like to try a testicle marshmallow?
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    Top Chef Recap: You’ve Got CrabsA seafood challenge reminds one cheftestant of his STD.
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    Top Chef Recap: Needs More GlazeProduct placement continues as the chefs create a new signature dish for the Hilton.
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    Top Chef Recap: We’re Going on a Picnic!Last night’s episode included the great American traditions of pie, picnics, and promoting new shows.
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    Top Chef Recap: School’s OutThe cheftestants struggle to make lunch for 50 kids using a public-school budget.
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    Top Chef Premiere: Beware Ripert, Desserts, and MousseThe seventh season begins, and new judge Eric Ripert’s views on fish are clear.
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    Scouting Report: Top Chef D.C.What six chefs left out of their Bravo bios.