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Top Chef Alumni Newsletter

  1. Pre-Previews
    Top Chef Alum Casey Thompson Planning a Napa RestaurantShe’s actually been living in S.F. for the past three years, under the radar.
  2. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef’s Jennifer Carroll Is Single and Looking to Mingle WithDaily News features Jennifer Carroll as one of its “Sexy Singles.”
  3. Nonstaurants
    Eat Cuban Food From Top Chef Alum Josie Malave Tomorrow at the CornerMalave is planning a move to the Bay Area in January.
  4. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall Lends a Hand at Urbano Pizza BarThe chef has added some new wood-fired dishes to the Neapolitan pie maker’s menu.
  5. Empire Building
    Ryan Scott to Open Restaurant in West PortalThe ‘Top Chef’ alum is getting back in the brick-and-mortar game.
  6. TV Land
    Yigit Pura Is Already Picking Favorites on Top Chef: Just DessertsS.F.’s most eligible pastry chef is doing his duty for Bravo.
  7. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    And So Begins Chapter Two of Our Top Chef Tale of Two JensWhile Jennifer Carroll is reportedly packing her knoves and leaving 10 Arts, fellow Top Chef contestant Jen Zavala is moving on too.
  8. Foodievents
    Top Chef’s Jen Carroll Works Blue For Amis’ Industry Night PartyThe ribald themed party will have a Jersey Shore vibe, and lots of breasts, thighs and legs jokes.
  9. The San Francisco Diet
    Juhu Beach Club Chef and Top Chef Alum Preeti Mistry Loves Sightglass,Also, she has some ‘meltingly good’ albacore at Canteen.
  10. Contests
    We Have a Winner for Two Tickets to GLAAD Hancock Park’s Top ChefThe winner pens a haiku tribute to the spiky haired molecular gastronome.
  11. Openings
    The Strand House Opening in Mid-August with Spit-Roasted Meats and Cube-ShapedTop Chef: Just Desserts vet Seth Caro is adding his sweet touch to the already heavyweight team.
  12. Look Who’s Popping Up
    What Marcel Vigneron and Harutaka Kishi Are Cooking Together Tonight at ChayaReservations for this pop-up, er, guest-chef series, are still available but going fast.
  13. Mediavore
    Indian Weddings Take Heat for Food Waste; Woman Delivers Child in Hardee’sThe subcontinent’s more lavish ceremonies are under fire for possibly being too extravagant.
  14. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Angelo Sosa Directing Menu at New Century City Mixology HubLast we heard, the space is meant to be Curtis Nysmith’s SmithHouse.
  15. Contests
    Win Two Tickets to GLAAD Hancock Park and The Top Chef InvasionSend us an entry and you may be chowing down this weekend with Susan Feniger and Fabio Viviani.
  16. Openings
    Take a Peek at Jamie Lauren’s Menu at Vodvil, Open SaturdayFairfax’s new lounge is centered around games every fifteen minutes. Meaning this is not the place for that relationship talk.
  17. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Kevin Sbraga Offers a Glimpse of His RestaurantThe Top Chef champ posted a preliminary peek at forthcoming restaurant on Twitter.
  18. Sweet Beat
    Yigit Pura ‘Honored’ to Be a Pride Parade Grand MarshallHis sweet shop, Tout Sweet, should be open by year’s end.
  19. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall Jokes About His Currently Concept-Less Second RestaurantFunnier still, Eater seems to have bought it.
  20. Stay Classy San Diego
    Brian Malarkey Cleans Up in San Diego’s Best Restaurants IssueAddison and Truluck’s get their deserved nods, while the Top Chef vet’s restaurant Seersucker racks up some important votes of its own.
  21. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Will Mary Sue Win This Thing Or What?Sure, all these events surrounding the Top Chef Masters finale could just be promotions. But could they also be predictions?
  22. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Kevin Sbraga Hangs His Toque at Broad and PineThe Top Chef winner has finally settled on a home for his restaurant.
  23. Bookshelf
    The Brothers Voltaggio Are Doing a CookbookThe tentative title is a mashup of their two restaurant names: ‘Volt Ink.’
  24. Interviews
    Rick Bayless Calls Tijuana ‘One of the Great Food Cities of NorthThe Chicago chef just made an appearance in the Bay Area, talked about shooting the eighth season of his PBS show in Baja.
  25. Video Feed
    Ryan Scott Likes Yanni, Sex With Foie GrasLiam Mayclem interviews the former Top Cheftestant.
  26. Openings
    Rendezvous Opens, and Mattin Noblia Resurfaces There, Jaunty Red Scarf and AllThe charming Frenchman from Top Chef: Las Vegas will be doing tapas at the new lounge-within-a-club at Pacific and Van Ness.
  27. Sandwichland
    Behold the Shrimp ‘Po’Bhai’ at Juhu Beach ClubThe pop-up lunch place is now doing dinner!
  28. Video Feed
    ‘I Hate Everything I Do’: A Goth Musical Tribute to Richard Blais“We can never tell if you’re just stressed or if you’re constipated … “
  29. Brunch
    Bruno’s Brunch Service to Be Revived by Top Chef Alum Ryan ScottBrunch Drunk Love will be open for weekend brunch only.
  30. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    And Angelo Sosa Makes It Ten Top ChefsMalibu Inn is re-opening with help from the New York-based Jean Georges disciple.
  31. L.A. Diet
    Chef Alex Reznik Drinks Kosher Wine, Eats Pork-Belly Sliders at Animal“There are days when I’m driving home that I go ‘Aww, I didn’t eat anything today and I’m not going to Taco Bell. I’m not doing it.’”
  32. Beef
    The New York Times Makes A Ludo-crous Judgment CallKrissy Lefebvre stands up for Chef Ludo, so we’ll take the case of the Brothers Voltaggio.
  33. Sweet Beat
    Yigit Pura Reveals the Name of His Dessert Shop, His Love for BjörkThe name: Tout Sweet.
  34. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Alum Preeti Mistry Emerges From Obscurity to Launch IndianThis will be a lunchtime, weekday thing inside the Garage Cafe on 11th.
  35. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Brian Malarkey Plans 2nd San Diego ProjectThe “social dining experience” will have an Asian cowboy theme!
  36. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Another Top Chef Assumes An Executive Position in L.A.Amanda Baumgarten steps up to the executive level at Water Grill.
  37. Video Feed
    Ilan Hall Shows His Jazz HandsSomeone creates a Facebook page showing the Top Chef winner dancing at his dorkiest.
  38. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Stefan Richter Hosting Top Chef Finland, Hints at Mid-February RestaurantStefan Richter will play the part of Tom Colicchio on the Scandinavian version of the Bravo hit.
  39. Mediavore
    Number of U.S. Restaurants Goes Down; Cocoa Prices Go UpPlus, what to do when you hook up with a Top Chef.
  40. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Stefan Richter: Out with the Old, In With a SteakhouseStefan’s on Montana is closed, but a steakhouse could be rolling out soon.
  41. Menus
    Top Chef’s Jennifer Carroll Goes Rogue on Restaurant WeekThe Top chef star is the latest to pony up an unsanctioned Restaurant Week menu.
  42. Chef Shuffles
    Top Chef Just Desserts Finalist Takes Over at L.A. CreameryDanielle Keene has stepped in after the departure of Jessica Goryl.
  43. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Michael Voltaggio Fires Up The Stoves at ink.The chef shows off the first photo from Ink’s interior.
  44. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Even Gavin *Hearts* Yigit
  45. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    After Top Chef Jennifer Carroll Is Happy to Get Back to WorkThe chef’testant is bummed about going home early, but happy to be back to a normal life.
  46. Openings
    La Seine Plans December 28th Opening With Chef Alex ReznikThe Top Chef alum is preparing market-driven French food with Asian accents and it’s all kosher.
  47. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Kevin Sbraga Previews Dishes From His Upcoming RestaurantSbraga will unveil a condensed menu of dishes that will be featured at his forthcoming restaurant.
  48. Closings
    Iluna Basque Makes Way for Campanula on Sunday
  49. Quote of the Day
    Ryan Scotts Admits Some Top Chef Regrets
  50. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Elia Opening L.A.’s Avec Moi in 2011“The look is going to be like old French brothel,” the chef-testant says.
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