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  1. taste test
    Really Philly Cheesesteaks Arrive in New York — Are They Any Good?“At its best, the cheesesteak is a forbidden, slummy pleasure.”
  2. Video Feed
    Tony Luke Goes Electric (Slide)The tune is kind of like “The Electric Slide,” but served with sharp provolone, and broccoli rabe.
  3. Foodievents
    With His Own Line of Signature Knives, Tony Luke’s a Real Cut-UpLuke’s knives are made by the same manufacturer behind Guy Fieri’s blades, but don’t hold that against him.
  4. Crime Scenes
    Reward Posted For the Return of Tony Luke Jr.’s Life-Size CutoutThe clown prince of roast pork wants his cardboard cut-out back.
  5. Empire Building
    Tony Luke Takes Another Step Towards World DominationThe Prince of Roast Pork is bringing his act to Puerto Rico.
  6. Accolades
    Vegetarians and Carnivores Agree: There’s Lots of Good Stuff to Eat at CitizensThe Phillies home turf has food for practically every lifestyle.
  7. Empire Building
    Tony Luke Brings the ‘Real Taste of South Philly’ to BahrainThe Clown Prince of Roast Pork sets up shop in Bahrain.
  8. Trends
    Philly Gets LaFrieda, But New York Still Waiting for Tony Luke’sIf L.A. can have a high-end LaFrieda burger, so should Philly.
  9. TV Land
    Man v. Food v. Cheesesteak and Ice CreamThe Travel Channel show comes to Philly
  10. Openings
    Cheesesteaking ClaimThere may be a new contender for the best cheesesteak in New York.
  11. State Dinners
    Sarah Palin Orders Cheesesteaks Better Than John KerryThe V.P. candidate deftly avoids a Kerry-like incident in Philadelphia.
  12. Back of the House
    City Council Stands Up for Fast-Food Chains; Unlaid Eggs in VogueSome City Council members, apparently swayed — purely on principle! — by the plight of the big fast-food chains, oppose Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed law to make them post calorie information. [NYP] The latest fad among Haute Barnyard types, like Dan Barber of Blue Hill? Unlaid eggs. [NYT] Related: The Haute Barnyard Hall of Fame [Grub Street] Bad news for cheesesteak lovers: The New York outpost of Tony Luke’s has severed its ties with its legendary Philadelphia headquarters and is now called Shorty’s. Also, Ollie’s Brasserie has closed, leaving the city with just one Chinese brasserie. [NYT] Related: City’s Chinese Brasseries Double [Grub Street]
  13. The Underground Gourmet
    Centovini’s Porchetta Sandwich Makes Us Think of Hall & Oates Ever since Philadelphia-based Tony Luke’s set up a Hell’s Kitchen outpost, the Underground Gourmet, in spite of Ms. UG’s protests, has looked for any excuse to find himself in the dismal vicinity of Ninth Avenue and 41st Street. The reason? Tony Luke’s syntactically challenged signature sandwich, the Roast Pork Italian. What distinguishes this substantial specimen from other hoagies is the ingenious addition of bitter broccoli rabe to the combination of juicy pork and sharp provolone.
  14. In the Magazine
    Where to Eat 2007: The Lazy Man’s GuideWhere to Eat 2007, Adam Platt’s panoramic look at the New York restaurant scene, is a lot to digest (ahem) — thousands of words on the city’s best foods, high and low, from the big-box extravaganzas that constitute “Vegas on the Hudson” to the fetishized beef slabs that are “Designer Steaks.” As much as we enjoyed the essays, though, it’s the blurby lists, of course, that we went to first. Here are some highlights.