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  1. Eight Years Later
    Ichiran Will Finally Open a Ramen Shop in NYCGet ready to slurp tonkotsu in the privacy of your own partitioned seating, for real this time.
  2. Shoyu Enough
    Benkei’s Late-Night Ramen Moves to Hill & Dale“Eventually, he’ll get offered money to open his own ramen house.”
  3. Openings
    Tokyo Import Bassanova Ramen About to Open on Mott Street [Updated]The shop’s green curry ramen is a big deal at the original Setagaya Ward shop.
  4. Coming Soon
    Tokyo’s Acclaimed Bassanova Ramen Opening in New York CityA ramen apprentice turned chef is opening this summer.
  5. Ramen
    Sun Noodle’s New Jersey Ramen Lab Starts Serving ‘RamenThe specialists, who supply most of New York’s ramen shops, are doing tastings.
  6. Neighborhood Watch
    Zip Fusion Fam Opens K-Town BBQ Downtown; FuXion Truck Finds a Home in Mid-CityJason Ha opens an all-you-can-eat joint and a food truck parks it.