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Tonga Room

  1. Grub Guide
    Where To Find Tiki Drinks and Decor in L.A. Now That Bahooka Is ClosingFive places to relive, and one place to mourn, L.A. fleeting golden age of Tiki culture.
  2. Booze You Can Use
    Get Lei’d Next Week at the Tonga Room LuauIt’s $55 a head, without booze.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Tonga Room Hosts MC Hammer’s Birthday, and Willie Brown Was ThereHammer still has at least 300 friends.
  4. Tony! Tony! Tony!
    And Here’s the Entire S.F. Episode of Anthony Bourdain’s TheNot just the drunk clips this time!
  5. Video Feed
    Watch Anthony Bourdain Drink His Way Around San Francisco in 90 SecondsWatch as he passes out on a corner on Nob Hill.
  6. TV Land
    S.F. Episode of Bourdain’s New Show Airs MondayTony came to town last August, and we finally get to see the footage.
  7. Endangered
    Fairmont Hotel Goes Up For Sale, But Tonga Room May Be Around for Quite a BitThe hotel is now one of four hotels on Nob Hill for sale, so it’s likely to sit on the market for a while.
  8. Endangered
    Tonga Room Gets Yet Another Reprieve, For NowThe owner of The Republic won’t comment on any plans to relocate the Tonga Room.
  9. Bars
    Outer Sunset Sports Bar to Become Tiki HavenAvenue Lounge is closing or already closed.
  10. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Mr. Bauer Returns to the Tonga Room, Hates the Drinks
  11. Endangered
    Owner of The Republic, Bin 38 Looking to Relocate The Tonga RoomThe new developers plans for demolishing the Tonga Room include the preservation and sale of its assets.
  12. Endangered
    Tonga Room’s Final Fate to Be Decided This WeekThe famed Tiki bar in the bowels of the Fairmont Hotel is likely going away, at least in spirit.
  13. Endangered
    The Tonga Room: Probably Still Endangered After AllThe Historic Preservation Commission is not confident that it wants to save the historic Tiki bar.
  14. Endangered
    Updated: The Tonga Room Is Saved!A new document regarding the new Fairmont Tower reveals that the Tonga Room will be “dismantled, relocated, and reinstalled.”
  15. Booze You Can Use
    Smuggler’s Cove To Host Tonga Room RallyCalling all Tiki freaks and preservationists!
  16. User’s Guide
    Where to Eat for Fleet Week (And Where to Avoid it)The city will be divided this weekend between those who converge on the northern waterfront for the air show and those who eschew it. We’ve got you covered either way.
  17. Endangered
    Keep Tackiness Alive: Join the Tonga TeamThe Tonga Room is one of the last bastions of midway-style tackiness in the city. And they’re hiring.
  18. Endangered
    The Full Case for Saving the Tonga RoomRead the full report by an architect fighting to save the city’s most elaborate tiki bar.