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Tommy Hilfiger

  1. Celebrity Settings
    Kim Kardashian Arrives at In-N-Out Burger; Elton John Celebrates Birthday atMs. Kanye West was eating burgers for two when she landed back in L.A.
  2. Openings
    Vikram Chatwal Is Likely Moving Into the Plaza HotelA new mega-restaurant complex may be in the works at the famed Plaza.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Rihanna Shoots the Bird at Baldi; Diane Keaton Toasts at ToscanovaIf the singer doesn’t want to be bothered, maybe she should consider a differtent restaurant every once and awhile.
  4. NewsFeed
    We Called It: Coffee Cups Defiled by Crass Hilfiger Commercialism Yesterday we predicted that the obnoxious advertising that has been slowly infiltrating the trappings of NYC street food (hot-dog-stand umbrellas, bagel bags, etc.) would soon defile our sacred coffee cups. Today we walk by the Tommy Hilfiger store on West Broadway, and what’s in the window? A blow-up of the beloved deli coffee cup, complete with Tommy’s signature next to it! It’s all to promote his book Iconic America: A Roller-Coaster Ride Through the Eye-Popping Panorama of American Pop Culture. We stepped inside the store and saw the cup on a preposterous-looking T-shirt, too. So what’s next? Slice joints putting ads for Grease on their paper plates? Earlier: Street-Food Trappings Are Getting Luxer by the Second
  5. The Golden Clogs
  6. Amuse Bouche: Boston’s Next Top Salad