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  1. the other critics
    Michelin No Longer Dreams of JiroThe organization stripped the famed sushi chef’s restaurant of its three stars for a surprising reason.
  2. drinks
    What to Drink at the City’s New Wave of Japanese-Inspired BarsThey’re a little Tokyo, a little New York, and a tribute to Japan’s elevation of an American art form.
  3. empire of steaks
    Peter Luger Will Bypass Other 49 States, Expand to TokyoIt’s opening the restaurant with the Japanese company that operates Union Square Tokyo.
  4. anniversaries
    It’s Been 5 Years Since the Cronut Debuted — Here’s Every Flavor EverTime flies for pastry hybrids!
  5. There’s A Cotton-Candy-Pizza Hybrid — And It’s Actually Pretty Popular▶️ Too good to be true?
  6. weird
    Panda Sex Is Great News for Tokyo RestaurantTotenko Co.’s stocks jumped following a major mating announcement.
  7. Michelin
    A Japanese Ramen Shop Now Has a Michelin StarTokyo’s Tsuta joins the coveted ranks of sushi haunts and kaiseki temples.
  8. The Grub Street Diet
    Shake Shack’s Mark Rosati Grabs Ramen in Tokyo, Tacos in L.A., and Lobster“This was my first time trying Animal’s legendary poutine.”
  9. Lines
    Cronut Hysteria Is Reaching Its Peak in TokyoDominique Ansel opens his newest bakery today.
  10. Empire Building
    Blue Bottle Acquires Tartine, Plots New York ExpansionPowerhouses James Freeman and Chad Robertson are now united.
  11. Tonics
    This Is Almost Certainly the World’s Best Bloody MaryThere’s no pepper, no garnish of lemon or celery, and — heaven forbid — no horseradish clogging things up, either.
  12. Hoo-hoo
    The New Hooters: Inside Tokyo’s Most Popular Owl CaféTurns out Japan’s next evolution in animal cafés is big on the cuteness, but not so much on the actual café.
  13. Slurp
    Beautiful Bowls of RamenThey’re serving forty kinds of shio, miso, tonkotsu, and shoyu overall.
  14. Interviews
    Why Tartine Breadmaster Chad Robertson Is Going GlobalHe’s expanding.
  15. Openings
    Tokyo Import Bassanova Ramen About to Open on Mott Street [Updated]The shop’s green curry ramen is a big deal at the original Setagaya Ward shop.
  16. Coming Soon
    Tokyo’s Acclaimed Bassanova Ramen Opening in New York CityA ramen apprentice turned chef is opening this summer.
  17. Cool
    Kirin’s Frozen Foam Beer Looks a Lot Like Soft-ServeShhh, don’t tell your kids.
  18. Mediavore
    Starbucks Changes Its Logo; Food Trucks Robbed in KTownAfter 40 years, the coffee company is entitled to a mid-life crisis.
  19. Mediavore
    John Wooden Mourned at Vip’s Cafe; Obama Plans School Lunch OverhaulJohn Wooten was a regular in an everyday San Fernando Valley eatery, while The President looks to enhance the nutrition in schools.
  20. Closings
    David Myers Will Close SonaThe Comme Ca owner promises a new location of his flagship in 2011.
  21. Lists
    Tokyo Motors Past Paris in Michelin Three-Star RestaurantsThe city now has the most three-star restaurants in the world.
  22. Empire Building
    Wolfgang Puck Blames Success on JapaneseWolfgang Puck relates how he’s able to sleep while owning a restaurant empire.
  23. Mediavore
    Julia Child’s Bestseller; Clinton in VegasPlus: The Chicago Diner’s tips are down; school lunches are slowly improving
  24. NewsFeed
    Will New York’s Bartenders Learn to Use a Sword, Already?Tokyo has us beat in the ice department.
  25. The Gobbler
    How to Eat in Tokyo, Michelin Capital of the World When it comes to New York restaurants, the Gobbler’s views on the addled Mandarins at the Michelin Guides are well known. But when news came, the other day, that the first-ever Michelin Guide to restaurants in Tokyo had awarded our distant sister city a mind-boggling total of 191 stars (compared to 65 in Paris and 54 in New York), the Gobbler had to admit that those crazy fools might be on to something. Not long ago, we spent a week rampaging through Tokyo in a kind of epicurean daze. The Gobbler still isn’t sure exactly what he consumed (fugu sperm sacks, possibly; grilled chicken uterus, definitely; a very nice chocolate éclair flavored with bamboo), but one thing’s for sure. It was all pretty damn good. Here are a few rules for eating yourself silly in that great restaurant mecca, Tokyo, Japan.
  26. NewsFeed
    Michelin Declares Tokyo’s Restaurants Four Times Better Than New York’sTurns out those Japanese food bloggers up in arms about Michelin casting its critical gaze on Nippon for the first time had nothing to worry about. The guide everyone outside of France loves to hate served itself a big dose of humble pie in awarding Tokyo the most stars (191) of any city — far above Paris with its 65 stars and New York with its 42. No fewer than 25 Tokyo eateries got two-stars compared to six here at home. This really puts that Zenkichi disclaimer — “for Japanese and adventurous eaters only” — in perspective. Related: Tokyo Eateries Voted World’s Best [Reuters] Earlier: Michelin Virus Spreads, Delighting Ducasse, Krauts; Angering Gordo, Japanese
  27. Click and Save
    Famous Rock Writer Delivers a Sushi SummaNick Tosches, a writer best known for his books about the tormented inner lives of Jerry Lee Lewis, Dean Martin, and Sonny Liston, seems on the surface to be a weird choice to write about Tokyo’s Tsukiji seafood market and the world sushi trade. But Tosches’s article in this month’s issue of Vanity Fair should be required reading for anyone with even a passing interest in the subject. From its portrait of the market, which handles literally 4,000 times the amount of fish as the New Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx, to the elevation of bluefin tuna from its once-lowly status as an uncommercial “garbage fish,” to Tosches’s own twisted desire to eat the weirdest-looking thing he can find, the piece is wildly informative and has that slightly bent Tosches touch too.