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  1. Video Feed
    Singer of Chili’s Baby Back Ribs Jingle Remembered on Best FuneralHis coffin looks like a smoker.
  2. Mediavore
    U.S. Marshals Post a Reward For Leads in a Fatal Upper Darby Bar Shooting;Plus: Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond lands a Food Network show; and Missouri adolescents sue their city over Girl Scout cookies, all in our morning news roundup.
  3. Beef
    Cake Boss Embroiled in Vineland’s Cake ControversyThe mayor, an admitted fan of the reality show, claims he was open to other choices for the cake, but no one bit.
  4. Coming Soon
    TLC Coming Soon to the South LoopIt will be taking the spot of Gina’s Cuisine.
  5. TV Land
    TV Shows Focus on Philly FoodFlying Monkey and Lolita will both be featured on the Food Network tonight.
  6. TV Land
    Little Cakes, Big WorldThe inevitable cupcake reality show is in production.
  7. TV Land
    Chicago Diner’s Radical Reuben Gets the TLC TreatmentA TLC food show is featuring the vegan sandwich - is Art Smith the host?
  8. Food TV
    A Little Much?’Little Chocolatiers’ airs on TLC next week.
  9. Cupmudgeonism
    Celebrity Bake Sale in Rock Center TodayGet cupcakes from T-Boz, Khloe Kardashian, and other B-listers.