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  1. Tips
    Bidding Is Up to $100K on eBay for NFL Player’s 20-Cent Tip ReceiptSix figures for a glorified autograph.
  2. Tips
    NFL Player Left 20-Cent Tip at Philly Burger RestaurantBut everybody’s just talking about how terrible their service is.
  3. Tips
    Tips for Jesus Leaves Lucky New Orleans Server $10,000 TipNotorious overtippers made a record donation at Galatoire’s.
  4. Tips
    Server Claims NFL Player Stiffed Her on Tip During World Cup GameAnother day, another viral receipt.
  5. Tips
    Waffle House Waitress Finally Gets Her $1,000 TipThe company has backpedaled.
  6. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks Tip Jar Thief Yelled ‘You Can’t Catch Me’ at PoliceHe wanted the baristas to give away coffee.
  7. Tips
    Waffle House Managers Deny Waitress $1,000 TipLarge tips are automatically refunded under Waffle House policy.
  8. Lawsuits
    Sushi Yasuda Agrees to Pay $2 Million to Settle Tipping LawsuitEmployees allege the restaurant withheld the money before instituting the no-tip policy.
  9. Deliverance
    Seamless Will Make It Harder for Restaurants to Steal Delivery Workers’There was nothing in the services contracts about passing on gratuities.
  10. Scientific Studies
    The Ultimate Tip-Earner Is a Walking Waitress Cliché, According to Science A handy list of all the ways your tips are often discriminatory.
  11. Gratuities
    Midtown Restaurant Riki Bans TippingThe yakisoba-and-sushi place joins Sushi Yasuda and other places in banning gratuities.
  12. Mean-Spirited
    Las Vegas Writer Refused Tip to Bartender Who Shook Old-Fashioned — Or DidMaybe it’s time for everyone to go paperless, after all.
  13. Receiptgate
    New Jersey Waitress Behind Anti-Gay Tip Debacle Leaves RestaurantThat’s all, folks. (Hopefully, maybe.)
  14. Good Deeds
    Ohio Coffee Shop Holds Food Drive to Benefit Tip-Jar ThiefThat’s some real holiday spirit.
  15. Receiptgate
    New Jersey Waitress Suspended Pending Investigation Into Anti-Gay ReceiptShe may have lied about cancer and the Marines, too.
  16. Customer Copy
    Customers Accused of Anti-Gay Receipt Commentary Say It’s a HoaxThey say they did indeed leave a tip — and 20 percent at that.
  17. Return Receipt
    Openly Gay New Jersey Server Stiffed on Tip Will Donate Well-Wishers’ CashAfter one sermonizing family denied her a tip, the support poured in.
  18. Check Yo Self
    Restaurant Check Sermons: The Weakest Kind of Power GrabIf the only way you can express your views is by stiffing servers, you are a sad, weak individual.
  19. Controversies
    Balthazar’s Bathroom Attendants Will Keep Their JobsPhew.
  20. Tips
    Balthazar Cans Its Bathroom Attendants (Again) [Updated]“Although I’m looking forward to standing at Balthazar’s urinal without another man staring at me I’ll very much miss my bathroom attendants,” McNally says.
  21. Video Feed
    Watch What Happens When Servers Receive Unexpected $200 TipsIt will make you feel at least a little warm and fuzzy.
  22. The Other Critics
    The Other Critics: Daniel S. Meyer Loves Estela; East 12th Osteria Gets FourPlus: a review of Umami, and more, in this week’s roundup.
  23. Check Please
    The Tipping Backlash Goes BigAs the New York ‘Times’ runs an anti-tipping report on its front page, the idea gains some more traction.
  24. Etiquette
    Taylor Swift Leaves Huge Tip at Philly Restaurant62.5 percent, to be precise.
  25. Sued
    Does Adding Mandatory Gratuity Violate City Law?A new lawsuit targets Per Se.
  26. Lawsuits
    Maimon Kirschenbaum Strikes Again, Sues John DeLucie’s Crown GroupA restaurateur’s enemy.
  27. Etiquette
    Service Included: 11 Restaurants Where Tipping Isn’t CustomaryIncluding Per Se, Next, and Chez Panisse.
  28. Lawsuits
    Chickie’s & Pete’s Changes Tipping Policy and Cuts Refund Checks ForThe company is now moving to consolidate three of the class action that have been filed on behalf of past and present workers.
  29. Lawsuits
    U.S. Department of Labor Looking Into Possible Pay Violations at Chickie’sFacing mounting lawsuits, and an investigation, the company has begun issuing tipped employees refund checks.
  30. Lawsuits
    Increasingly Crabby Staff Files Suit Against Chickie’s & Pete’sSkimming gratuities was only the tip of the iceberg of the sports bar chain’s troubles.
  31. Tips
    You Should Make That Grace Reservation While You Still CanIt’s only a matter of time before the national media latches on, at which point it will be impossible to snag a table.
  32. The Tipping Point
    Employees Accuse Chickie’s & Pete’s of Skimming TipsForcing employees to cover credit card transaction fees with tips was made illegal with the passing of last year’s Gratuity Protection Bill.
  33. Lawsuits
    Were Harvard Waiters Stiffed on Tips?Crimson waiters are seeing red.
  34. Mediavore
    NJ Wineries Toast to Direct Shipping; Red Meat Consumption Increases Chances ofPlus: Takeru Kobayashi shatters the grilled cheese sandwich-eating record at SXSW; and some scientist argue that genetically modified foods may be good for you, all in our morning news roundup.
  35. FYI
    Marc Vetri Plays an ‘Ode to the Publican’ at Alla SpinaBuy the kitchen a six-pack and ring the bell.
  36. Department of Deportment
    Department of Deportment: How to Split a Check, Once and for AllIt should be easy for adults to split a simple dinner bill, but it never is. Grub Street weighs in with the final word.
  37. Politics
    City Council Decides on the Gratuity Protection Bill TomorrowThe bill if passed will prevent business owners from covering credit card transaction fees from servers gratuities.
  38. Surveys
    Are Massachusetts Diners Horrible Tippers?A new survey ranks the country’s most generous and stingiest states.
  39. Etiquette
    Sip, But Don’t Forget to TipSure the drinks are cheap, but that doesn’t mean you have to be.
  40. Mediavore
    City Councilman Kenney Wants Restaurants to Stop Taking Credit Card Fees FromPlus: Ocean Spray plans to move its Bordentown facility to Pennsylvania; and Dunkin’ Donuts prepares to go public, all in our morning news roundup.
  41. Cartography
    Yelping Over Street VendorsHandy tips for tourists headed to the halal cart.
  42. Lawsuits
    Cipriani Says Lawsuit Is a ‘Desperate Attempt’Cipriani says workers are wrong to say they were stiffed out of tips, but their lawyer has a different story.
  43. Tips
    Non-Tippers Won’t Be Prosecuted in Court of Law; Everyone Will Be Prosecuted inThe legal battle may be dead in its tracks, but the internet war on the mandatory tip refusers wages on
  44. Tips
    Are the College Students Who Refused to Pay Mandatory Tip Right or Wrong?Is that mandatory tip actually mandatory?
  45. Eatiquette
    Have You Ever Wanted to Tell Your Server That ‘Hovering Is forNow you can!
  46. Beef
    Chicago Diner’s Tempest in a Tip JarThanks to their Palin-mocking tip jars, one blogger is accusing the Chicago Diner of fraud.
  47. Lawsuits
    Steakhouse Follies: Server Who Sued Ruth’s Chris Now Sues Strip HouseThe Glazier Group is smacked with the latest restaurant lawsuit.
  48. Lawsuits
    Another Tips TiffAn Upper East Side restaurant is the latest to be sued for tip garnishing.
  49. Eatiquette
    Oh, the Guilt-Inducing Countertop Tip JarWhat are the rules for tipping in a takeout situation?
  50. It’s the Economy
    Some Servers Enjoy Record Nights, Others Are Scratching at the WallA waitress offers an inside look into how restaurants are doing.
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