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  1. problem solving
    Everything You Need to Know About Tipping Right Now15 to 20 percent doesn’t cut it anymore.
  2. tips
    Please Don’t Do ThisA tip line is not the place to take an anti-mask stance.
  3. tipping
    Why Joe Biden’s Promise to End the Tipped Minimum Wage Is a Big DealIt’s a pledge to offer more equitable, living wages for America’s workers.
  4. interviews
    Can the No-Tipping Movement Survive?Tip-free restaurants are more equitable and better for customers, but they’re in danger of disappearing.
  5. tips
    Customers Use Entire Stimulus Check to Tip RestaurantIt’s a kind gesture, but also revealing of the fact that workers have to rely on the generosity of customers.
  6. big tips
    Very Generous Diners Give Server a New Buick as a TipThat’s a little more than 20 percent…
  7. tips
    Woman Leaves $5,000 ‘Revenge’ Tip With Boyfriend’s Credit CardAltruism but make it petty!
  8. tips
    The Red Sox Left a $195K Tip After a World Series PartyAt least Boston’s baseball team takes care of its servers.
  9. sexual abuse
    A National ‘Tip Out Day’ Will Raise Money to Fight Sexual AssaultThe event now has 34 participants on three continents.
  10. lawsuits
    Sushi Nakazawa Sued for Mishandling TipsIt’s alleged that owner Alessandro Borgognone and chef Daisuke Nakazawa failed to pay overtime and the minimum wage.
  11. nightmare deliveries
    Delivery Guy Leaves Note Threatening to Rob Customer Who Didn’t Tip“Who knows” what a disgruntled Postmates employee “is capable of,” he wrote.
  12. tax and spend
    Thoughtful Tax Protester Leaves Server ‘Personal Gift’ Since ‘Taxation Is Theft’“This is not a tip. It is a personal gift and not subject to federal or state income taxes.”
  13. terrible customers
    Another Horrible Restaurant Customer Left a Hateful Receipt MessageWhy does this keep happening?
  14. tips
    NFL Rookie Leaves $500 Tip at Old College Bar Because Now He CanFinally, a positive story involving the Eagles and gratuity.
  15. awful customers
    Horrible Customers Write ‘We Only Tip Citizens’ on Their ReceiptThe server was actually American, and they’ve now been banned.
  16. tips
    Man Writes ‘Gay Is Wrong!’ Instead of Actual Tip on IHOP BillThis is the worst trend.
  17. Original Video
    7 Foods to Steer Clear of, According to a Food-Poisoning ExpertSorry, lovers of rare meat.
  18. Dining While Drunk
    Drunk Man Generously Tips $1,000, Then Begs for It Back the Next DayHe thought he was giving $1 bills, not $100s.
  19. Horrible Customers
    Oxford Student Refuses to Tip Server Because She’s WhiteHe said he was “unable to stop smiling” after she cried “typical white tears.”
  20. Horrible Customers
    Truly Awful Customers Leave Hateful ‘Tip’ for Lesbian ServerThey wrote “Leviticus 20:13,” which casually notes gay people “shall surely be put to death.”
  21. Tips
    Bush’s Server Tweets Pic Saying He ‘Did’ 9/11” … But he did me a solid and left me a hella tip.”
  22. Tips
    Amy Schumer Left Two Bartenders a $1,000 TipIt was during intermission at Hamilton.
  23. Horrible Customers
    Customer Only Tips ‘Normal Looking People’The incident occurred at Iowa’s famously eccentric Zombie Burger.
  24. The Tipping Game
    Hillary Clinton Jumps on the No-Tipping BandwagonShe also praised Governor Andrew Cuomo for his support of the Fight for $15.
  25. Tips
    IHOP Calls ‘Black Ppl’ Receipt a ‘Teachable Moment’First lesson: Maybe don’t call future racist receipts “teachable moments.”
  26. The Tipping Game
    Chili’s Takes a Stand Against the Anti-Tipping MovementThe company doesn’t want its servers to forget the meaning of good service, or something.
  27. Tips
    Here Are the Neighborhoods That Give Delivery Workers the Biggest TipsGreenpointers are a generous bunch.
  28. Menu Changes
    Renowned Brooklyn Pizzeria Adds 3 Percent Obamacare Surcharge to All ChecksAt Franny’s menu prices will also rise to pay cooks higher wages.
  29. Tips
    Customers Generously Tip Waitress Who Received a Racist ReceiptThe note said, “Tip for U.S. citizens only.”
  30. Tips
    Frustrated Server Takes to Facebook to Explain Why a Customer Was Wrong Not to“… your insecurity as a woman is heartbreaking.”
  31. Special Delivery
    That Church’s $1,000 Tip Saved the Domino’s Driver From EvictionHer good humor about getting semi-humiliated totally paid off.
  32. Tipping
    Why One NYC Sous-Chef Will Be Happy When Tipping Is Eliminated Forever“Such a radical change in the system will come at a price, and I’m worried and intrigued to see what that is.”
  33. Video Feed
    Watch This Pastor Awkwardly Tip a Domino’s Driver $1,000 During His Sermon“I hope that this can help you. I don’t know what’s going on in your life.”
  34. Tips
    Servers Are Complaining About Jamie Oliver’s Tipping PolicyThey claim it’s so unfair that they sometimes “pay to work.”
  35. Tips
    Restaurant Chain Gets Caught Stealing All of an Automatic Service ChargeThe U.K.’s Côte is under fire.
  36. Tips
    Exceedingly Generous Waiter Splits $585 Tip With All His Co-WorkersIt came out to $73 apiece.
  37. Horrible Customers
    Bartender Says He Received This Patronizing ‘Economics’ Card InsteadA customer was supposedly protesting Seattle’s $15 minimum wage in the worst way possible.
  38. Tips
    Random Customer Leaves $1,000 Tip to Help Teenage Waiter Achieve HisThe diner wrote that he “commits random act of kindness.”
  39. Tips
    Amy Schumer Left a $500 Tip at a Long Island Clam BarThe comedian continues to be great.
  40. Tips
    A Customer Left His Waitress a $2,000 Tip for Literally No Reason at AllIsn’t that lovely?
  41. Crime
    Waitress Caught Pencilling In Extra Tips on Hundreds of BillsShe allegedly scammed just a few bucks at a time.
  42. Tips
    A North Carolina Diner Customer Left a $9,000 Tip Because of Mother’s DayHe even tipped other customers.
  43. Acts Of Kindness
    A Dead Art Mogul Gave His Favorite Waitresses $50,000 EachHe wrote them into his will.
  44. Rants
    Ruby Tuesday Waiter Gets Stiffed by a Soldier, Insults Entire MilitaryNot surprisingly, he no longer has a job.
  45. Tips
    Kansas Waitress Tells Governor to ‘Tip the Schools,’ Not HerIt was her last day on the job.
  46. Tips
    A Man Left a $3,000 Tip to Help a New York Waitress Pay Her RentHe wanted to honor his eighth-grade teacher’s pay-it-forward movement.
  47. Tips
    A Diner Customer Left a $25,000 Tip So His Server Could Get New TeethThe waiter says he can’t stop looking in the mirror.
  48. Tipping
    How a Raised Minimum Wage Affects RestaurantsThe Pok Pok chef says new state regulations have the power to change the entire restaurant landscape.
  49. Tipping
    New York Raises Minimum Wage for Tipped Workers to $7.50Will this push restaurant owners to abolish tipping altogether?
  50. Sharing The Wealth
    L.A. Restaurant Adds Industry’s First ‘Kitchen Gratuity’ LineAlimento makes a bold move to equalize front- and back-of-house hourly pay.
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